Lovey 1.0b

Love on Valentines day for everyone on your server

  1. Dablakbandit

    This is exactly like my plugin Snowy, but instead of snow it spawns Love Heart particles :)

    Works with 1.7 and 1.8



    /lovey toggle | Toggles the Love Hearts for the player
    /lovey admin on | Turns all Love Hearts on | Permission: lovey.admin
    /lovey admin off | Turns all Love Hearts off | Permission: lovey..admin
    /lovey admin reload | Reloads config | Permission: lovey.admin

    If in config Permission is set to true the permission is 'lovey.see'


    # Lovey configuration
    # Plugin made by Dablakbandit

    # Packet_Amount
    # Amount of times to send the packet
    Packet_Amount: 1

    # Packet_Interval
    # Amount of time in between sending packets (in ticks)
    Packet_Interval: 5

    # Particle_Amount
    # Amount of particles to send in the packet
    Particle_Amount: 1000

    # Offsets
    # Area around player to show the hearts
    X: 20
    Y: 40
    Z: 20
    # Disabled worlds
    # Worlds that this plugin is disabled in
    # Usage
    # Disabled_Worlds:
    # - world_the_end
    # - world_nether
    Disabled_Worlds: []

    # Command
    # Command used in the plugin
    Command: lovey

    # Permission
    # Whether players need permission to have love particles
    Permission: false

    # Version
    # Do not change or config will reset
    Version: 1.0
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Recent Updates

  1. Update for upcoming Valentines day
  2. Small update

Recent Reviews

  1. helptiger
    Version: 1.0a
    Thanks! Nice Plugin
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      No problem :)
  2. Wolfezz
    Version: 1.0a
    Works good, but it generating a exception: (instantly)

    "[21:08:30 WARN]: [Lovey] Task #2243 for Lovey v1.0 generated an exception
    [21:08:31 WARN]: [Lovey] Task #2243 for Lovey v1.0 generated an exception
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      Message me what version you are on so I can try and fix it :)
  3. ferrinweb
    Version: 1.0
    Works perfect!
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)