LT Sleep N Storm 0.2.2

Modifies the sleeping system of Minecraft

  1. LT Sleep N Storm 0.2.2

  2. LT Sleep N Storm 0.2.1

    • Updated to MC 1.14 (but still playable in MC 1.13);
    • Added support for Java 7;
    • Removed fatigue mechanics;
    • Removed custom items/drinks;
    • Removed "/sleep" and "/restmode" commands.
  3. LT Sleep N Storm 0.2.0

    • Added an AFK mode: I added an AFK mode called "Rest Mode". If you stay still for 300 seconds (default timeout), the rest mode will automatically be activated until you move or you do something. And the "Rest Mode" prevents you from getting tired while you are AFK.
    • New mechanics...