Lucker | Highly configurable slot machine 1.1

Highly configurable sign based slot machine with skript

  1. Kopsukka
    The slot machine for lucky people

    Lucker is a slot machine for Skript I made a while ago.

    I decided to translate it to English, so here we go.

    First of all, Lucker needs these plugins:

    Test server:

    But Kopsukka, this is so unoriginal.
    I tried to make some extra content,
    including the fact that everything can be configured.

    Also, there's an option to only allow a single user to use one machine at a time.

    So it's configurable? What an original feature!
    Well, take a look at this then:

    Code (Text):

        version: 1.1 #do not change or it will create an endless loop

        luckerprefix: &9Lucker >> #Prefix for commands and messages
        commandaliases: luck, slots #Commands you'd like to use, also the /lucker is always active.
        noPerms: &cSorry, you don't have access to this command. :(

        commandHeader: &6&l&m-------------------&6 Lucker &6&l&m-------------------
        commandFooter: &6&l&m-------------------&6 Lucker &6&l&m-------------------
        commandUpdateInfo: &6/lucker update&e: Updates to the latest version
        commandReloadInfo: &6/lucker reload&e: Reloads changes made to the config
        commandWandInfo: &6/lucker wand&e: Gives the Lucker creation wand

        updatenotify: &aA new update found! Please use &c/lucker update&f. #Message when joining and there's a new update - Requires permission lucker.update
        updatingmsg: &aLucker is updating.. Sorry about possible lag. :( #Message when updating, is a broadcast.
        updatedmsg: &aLucker has been updated! Thanks :) #Message when update is done, also a broadcast

        signStatusAvailable: &9Available #If the machine is not in use, this is the first line.
        signStatusRolling: &9Rolling.. #If the machine is rolling, this is the first line.
        signStatusRolled: &9Game over! #Line 1 when the rolling ends
        signLine4: &9» &3Lucker &9« #Line 4, is always that one
        slotsLineColor: &9 #Color for line 2, where the slots spin
        signOnWin: &9You won! #Sign text on win
        signAfterWin: &9Previous won! #OnWin-text changes to this later
        signOnLose: &9You lost! #Sign text on lose
        signAfterLose: &9Previous lost! #OnLose-text changes to this later
        signOnJackpot: &9Jackpot! #Sign text on jackpot
        signAfterJackpot: &9Previous won #OnJackpot-text changes to this later
        signJackpotMark: &2✪ #Used in the jackpot win things
        signActivate: Lucker Activate #When creating a sign with this on the second line, creates a lucker machine

        cost: 1 gold ingot #what does the machine cost? You can also use multiple items, ex. 2 diamonds and 3 gold ingots
        limitMachine: false #If true, player can only play on one machine at a time.

        messageRolling: &aRolling! #continues with the cost-option inside (). Message on roll
        messageLimit: &cYou are already rolling. #Requires limitMachine to be true
        messageWin0: &aYou won with the code 0|0|0 #Message when winning with that code
        messageWin1: &aYou won with the code 1|1|1 #Message when winning with that code
        messageLose: &aYou lost :( #Message on lose
        messageJackpot: &aYou won the jackpot! #Message on jackpot
        messageRestarting: &aPlease wait, the machine is restarting. #On rightclick when is restarting (the part after rolling)
        messageOnUse: &aSomeone is already using this machine. #On rightclick when machine is on
        messageNoMoney: &aSorry, but you don't have #continues with the cost-option, says if doesn't have enough items

        soundRolling: note.hat #Sounds on roll
        soundLastroll: note.snare #Last roll before the win/lose
        soundWin: random.orb #spams this sound on win
        soundJackpot: random.orb #spams this sound on jackpot
        soundLose: note.bassattack #sound on lose, executes 2 times with a different pitch
        soundReset: note.bassattack #sound when resetting the machine

        prizeOnWin0: 5 gold ingots and 2 diamonds #What you get, when the last combination is 000
        prizeOnWin1: 3 gold ingots and 1 diamond #What you get, when the last combination is 111
        prizeOnJackpot: 8 gold ingots and 4 diamonds #What you get, when you get a jackpot

        wand: a blaze rod named "&a&lLucker Wand &7&l&m-&a Create Luckers easily!" #Right click a sign with this wand -> Lucker machine
        wandReceiveMsg: &aYou received a wand, so you are able to create Lucker machines.
    As you saw, everything is possible to configure.

    I also made the setup smooth.
    You can either create a sign with text "Lucker Activate" (configurable)
    on the second line, or you can take the creation wand and
    rightclick a sign with that. Easy, huh?

    There are also some commands.

    /lucker update updates this skript
    to the latest version.

    /lucker reload reloads the skript.

    /lucker wand gives you a wand
    which allows you to create these machines
    by right clicking signs

    Updating the plugin with /lucker update and
    viewing the update notifier: lucker.update

    Reloading the file with /lucker reload: lucker.reload

    Making Luckers with the text on the second line of
    the sign and usage of the wand
    with /lucker wand: lucker.activate

    How to install?
    Install Skript, SkQuery and WildSkript (Links above)
    Restart the server

    Move the .sk file to /plugins/Skript/scripts

    Execute command /lb reload lucker


    Also, sorry for it being so simple.
    It's my first public script afterall.

Recent Reviews

  1. ImTehHamster
    Version: 1.1
    sorry, but there are better plugins than this. I think you should add more in to this. I just find it useless.
    1. Kopsukka
      Author's Response
      Yeah, it's a simple one.
      I just put some of my useless skripts here.
  2. Jonni
    Version: 1.1
    Love this :3.
    Very easy to install, configurate and use. Simple and fun game that works perfectly :3.
  3. epe07
    Version: 1.1
    Very good! :3
    I liek this skript at lucktions when they use it i like it it is cool becose u can make custom things