LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin 5.0.72

An advanced permissions plugin for Bukkit/Spigot & BungeeCord.

  1. 4.3.73

    Hello hello!

    I have another update for you all, but before that, some quick PSAs (in order of importance):

    1) I said the same last time, but it still applies: I apologise that things have been a little slower than usual recently - I'm trying my best to keep up! A big thanks to who have been active on GitHub & Discord answering questions and helping to process bug reports. <3

    2) As always, if you'd like to support the work that goes into developing, maintaining and supporting the project, you can either write a nice comment here on Spigot (click the 5 stars on the right of the page) or 'star' the project on GitHub! :)

    3) And then finally, a note for people who may be interested in supporting the project in a financial way.

    I have been working on various open source projects as a hobby for approaching 3 years now, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Thousands of hours of work has gone into writing code, improving documentation and providing support to make LuckPerms the best it can be for the community, however, as well as the time commitment, maintaining it also has a small financial cost on my part. Those who have been following my projects for a while will know that I've graciously turned down any and all donation offers over the years and have been funding these expenses out of my own pocket.

    However, I do appreciate that some kind people within the community would like to financially support the authors who create free plugins for their (sometimes profitable!) servers. Sooo, if you fall into that category and my work has enhanced your server, saved you time, or otherwise improved your life in miraculous ways, I'd appreciate any contribution you're willing to give. :)

    The link to my Patreon site is - you can find more info there if you're interested. :)

    Lastly, below is the list of changes for this update!

    • Return a more informative error for invalid verbose filters
    • Add option to deduplicate prefix/suffix stacks
    • Don't show negated group membership permissions in the output to 'user info' and 'group listmembers'
    • Don't send 1.13 tab completions to players without access to any LP commands
    • Optimize LookupSetting storage/manipulation within Contexts
    • Cache the most recent lookup for permission/meta data in AbstractCachedData
    • Optimize ImmutableContextSet#equals by comparing the hashcodes (constant time lookup)
    • Convert permissions to lowercase inside the permission checking cache
    • Optimize context set manipulation further
    • Add API method to get known permissions
    • Improve /op and /deop command matching
    • Account for 'allow-invalid-usernames' setting in API calls
    • Switch default MySQL/MariaDB charset from utf8 to utf8mb4 (better unicode support in permisisons, prefixes, etc)
    • Update okhttp and okio versions
    • Use a more optimized means of sending component messages to players
    • Fix error message when API event handlers throw an exception
    • Fix CME error caused by the refreshAutoOp task
    • Log exceptions thrown by BufferedRequest tasks
    • Change the way static contexts are displayed in /lp info
    • Implement use of a Maven Central mirror for dependency downloads
    • Cleanup with way permissibles are monitored (fixes a CME sometimes thrown by Vault on startup)
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