LuckPerms GUI 2.1

A Simple Way To Switch between ranks without typing to much!

  1. fuzziejaxer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    NOTE: this project has been archived, meaning it will not be updated any more, if you wish to continue the project please use the source skript on github. thank you for everyone who downloaded & found this useful, but it is just not worth my time to update a old broken skript.

    Skript Download here, and SkQuery Download here. You will need LuckPerms, download here.

    Created By fuzziejaxer! Post ReWork By HonestlyDex!

    Commands (Main GUI):
    /rank gui <player>

    Commands (Permissions) [separate download for 0.1+/1.2+]:
    /grant gui <player>
    /perm gui <player>

    Commands(Chat Commands) [1.2+]:
    /default set <player>
    /helper set <player>
    /mod set <player>
    /admin set <player>
    /owner set <player>
    /dev set <player>
    /builder set <player>

    Setup Commands [1.5+]:

    Suffix Commands [2.0]
    /lpguisuffix <player> <suffix>
    /lpguireset <player>

    lpgui.use - Opens the main GUI
    lpgui.permission - Opens the permissions GUI
    lpgui.default - Allows the /default command
    lpgui.helper - Allows the /helper command
    lpgui.mod - Allows the /mod command
    lpgui.admin - Allows the /admin command
    lpgui.owner - Allows the /owner command - Allows the /dev command
    lpgui.builder - Allows the /builder command
    lpgui.setup - Allows the /lpguisetup command
    lpgui.prefix - Allows all /prefix & /lpguiprefix command
    lpgui.suffix - Allows the /lpguisuffix & /lpguireset commands
    Watch Video Or Read Bellow:

    Install Skript, SKQuery and LuckPerms on your Server.
    Restart your Server.
    Navigate to file manager, > plugins, > Skript, > scripts
    Then put the file in the scripts folder. then unzip the file.
    Then restart your server



    YouTube(all features since 1.0):

    YouTube(Old Ver):

    Official Discord Server:


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Recent Updates

  1. 2.1 Update
  2. 2.0 release!
  3. Some versions not supported.

Recent Reviews

  1. ZribeDev
    Version: 2.1
    Glad to be a contributer in this!
    Btw fuzzy my discord got terminated on me on the new one:
    ZribeDev Alt#9892
  2. Ender_Dave
    Version: 2.1
    ngl this skript is kinda sus. have a nice day when will i reach 80 characters send help
    1. fuzziejaxer
    Version: 2.1
    make it to .Jar file plss or make it a turtorial how to add it to a server and make it work on a server.
    1. fuzziejaxer
      Author's Response
      Hey! first of all tysm for the 4 stars! & second of all, to make it a .jar file it would have to be coded in java, (witch i don't know & it scares me lol)
      i will make a video on how to get it working, i know i did not cover it rlly well in the latest video.

      - fuzzie
  4. HonestlyDex
    Version: 1.1
    10/10 Very Nice Skript! :)
    1. fuzziejaxer
  5. HonestlyDex
    Version: 0.8
    9/10 Very Nice Skript! A feature I would like to see is this gui, but you can set others ranks with it! Overall nice skript though!
    1. fuzziejaxer
      Author's Response
      Tysm for 5 stars, this is something i added in 0.3+ make sure you update the skript, as this is a feature you will unlock. i would also recomend waiting for 1.0 as it will have the most new features. to rank others just do "/rank(or /grant) gui <name>"!