LuckPerms in GUI! 2.3

Manage LuckPerms groups and users in GUI

  1. v2.3 update | Add tracks!

    • Add tracks and management of it
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  2. v2.9.1 update

    A quick fix with the API, now the plugin works
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  3. v2.9 update

    • Fixed an issue where prefixes/permissions wouldn't remove if they had spaces in them
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  4. v2.8 update

    • Add support for 1.8!
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  5. v2.7 update

    • Fixed a bit with /lp <TAB> showing in all options "gui" option
    • Tried to fix issues with GUI not loading up (don't know if succeeded)
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  6. v2.6 update

    • Plugin can work under /lp gui command
      • Typing /lp <TAB> will show gui in the list
      • Typing /lp gui <TAB> will show options user/group
      • Typing /lp gui user/group <TAB> will show information that is needed
  7. v2.4 update

    It got on my nerves, so I fixed it
    • Fixed that every time something is clicked in GUI, the cursor resets in the middle. Now it will stay where it should. (Massively improves interaction, you will see)
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  8. v2.3 update

    Sorry for such updates, it is needed, and I would recomend to update
    • Remade whole plugin to commands based
      • No, I didn't remove the GUI. If you have used the plugin before, I think you noticed, that add permission, parent or something, it would make your text as a command without needing to type the command. This will now be the same for removing permissions and similar. Aperently this metod is best in programming way and for the LuckPerms plugin (because this way it will...
  9. v2.2 update

    • Fixed some bugs in User permssion edit
    • Made that editing permissions LuckPerms would update it in whole Bungee servers
  10. v2.0 update

    • Created online users edit GUI
    • Changed a bit Groups GUI