LuckPerms 5.3.86

A permissions plugin for Minecraft servers (Bukkit/Spigot, BungeeCord & more)

  1. Luck
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    LuckPerms is a permissions plugin for Minecraft servers (Bukkit/Spigot, BungeeCord & more). It allows server admins to control what features players can use by creating groups and assigning permissions.

    It is:
    • fast - written with performance and scalability in mind.
    • reliable - trusted by thousands of server admins, and the largest of server networks.
    • easy to use - setup permissions using commands, directly in config files, or using the web editor.
    • flexible - supports a variety of data storage options, and works on lots of different server types.
    • extensive - a plethora of customization options and settings which can be changed to suit your server.
    • free - available for download and usage at no cost, and permissively licensed so it can remain free forever.
    For more information, see the wiki article on Why LuckPerms?

    The latest downloads & other useful links can be found on the project homepage at

    The plugin has extensive documentation available on the wiki. Please use the resources there before coming to us directly for support.

    Support for the plugin is provided on Discord. If you have a question which cannot be answered by reading the wiki, the best place to ask it is there.

    If you would like to report a bug, please open a ticket on GitHub.

    LuckPerms is proudly sponsored by BisectHosting.​

    They've kindly offered LuckPerms users a massive 25% off the first month of any of their game server hosting plans. To get the discount, just enter the promo code luck at checkout!

    Most of the other available permission plugins date back a number of years, and were created in the early Bukkit era. Almost without exception, they've been abandoned by their original authors, and receive no updates, support or bug fixes.

    LuckPerms is still a growing and active resource, and I endeavour to reply to all bug reports, issues and feature requests in a timely manner.

    LuckPerms supports fully automatic migration and data transfer from existing permissions plugins.
    For more information about this process, please read the wiki page.

    Please don't post bug reports/suggestions in the review section. Bugs should be reported by opening a ticket on GitHub.

    If you just have a question, the best place to ask is in our Discord server. Either myself or somebody else will hopefully be able to assist.

    This plugin took me while to make, so if you find it useful, a nice review would be appreciated. :) On the other hand, if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear those too!

    If you're having issues using the plugin, please contact me BEFORE making a review. I *cannot* give support in the review section.

Recent Updates

  1. 5.3.86
  2. 5.3.74
  3. 5.3.47

Recent Reviews

  1. Reality_SC
    Version: 5.3.86
    Super cool plugin! Online editor -- wow-effect! Long time ago I tried to write my own plugin (rscp) instead of the most popular PEx for that times. Now I'm happy to forget PEx as a nightmare.
  2. HennesG
    Version: 5.3.86
    Best Permissions Plugin out there! Its so easy to configure Permissions using /lp editor! Great work!
    Version: 5.3.86
    if you understood how it works, it´s easy. very helpful with the /lp editor.. web based editor
  4. _v_Max_v_
    Version: 5.3.86
    Plugin is nice, but why support can't help me since 2 days ? funny ;/
    Can't ping lucky
  5. 5KFubi
    Version: 5.3.86
    Best plugin there is, also the easiest to use. 11/10 would recommend.

    There are close to no bugs and works excellently with all plugins.
  6. DarkKingKaan
    Version: 5.3.86
    I honestly don't know how a plugin like this is a free resource. Amazing work. Easy to set up, easy to use and works without a problem.
  7. samueljonas245
    Version: 5.3.86
    Great work, excelent plugin!!

  8. rafi67000
    Version: 5.3.86
    i love this plugin, please don't leave this resouce never dsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf
  9. Alcerious
    Version: 5.3.86
    Hands down the best perms system out there. You server needs this plugin. 10/10
  10. RedDragon_
    Version: 5.3.86
    The best permissions plugin!
    So satisfying and easy to use.