Lucky Block - Vers. English v. 1.0 - Now .jar!

Funny plugin for your server that transforms sponges block surprises!

  1. LuisGerdez
    This is a plugin that transforms all sponges server in a block similar to that of Mario Bros. You can play surprise some good luck and some bad luck. He has over 30 different surprises!

    /luckyblock - Main Command plugin that displays information such as version and author.
    Currently no permissions!

    This plugin required to run the Skript plugin, you can download it from

    Installing this plugin is very simple, just follow these steps correctly:

    1. Download dependency Skript.jar and copy the plugins folder of your server.
    2. Reset the server using /reload from the console or turning off the server.
    3. Paste the downloaded file LuckyBlock.jar in plugins folder.
    4. You enjoy the plugin!

    Green = Completed
    Red = Coming soon
    • Add permission to break the block.
    • Add Lucky Potion.
    • Add Lucky Villager.
    • Add structure to break the block.
    • Fix potential bugs.
    • Send suggestions!


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Recent Updates

  1. Now the plugin is .jar format!

Recent Reviews

  1. Kopsukka
    Version: v. 1.0 - Now .jar!
    The plugin looks pretty good, but it has a small amount of functions for opening the block.

    You should also update the jar file AND the skript file, as I prefer the skript file more.
  2. TronoGamerYT
    Version: v. 1.0
    Me gusta el plugin
    1. LuisGerdez
      Author's Response
      Gracias por su valoraciĆ³n! :)