Lucky Box | Wonder Bag Shop [1.8.x - 1.18.x] 3.0.5

Compatible with custom items from V3 onwards, Random items, Shop, customizable

  1. Full Rewrite, New Features

    WonderBagShop has been 100% recoded and renamed.
    This plugin is called LuckyBox from this version!

    The Configs are NOT compatible with previous versions!
    The plugin needs from this version T2CodeLib!

    But now we come to the changes and new features.

    Random generator:
    The random generator has been reworked to 100% and now works with probabilities, this means that you can give the items a percentage probability depending on how often the item is wanted.

    Items are now stored as ItemStack in the config, this means that now also items with NBT tags and / or custom items can be used.
    This may seem very complicated at first sight especially for items with NBT tags but don't worry there is an ingame editor where you can add, edit and delete items.
    If you still need help, you are always welcome on our support discord.
    Unlimited items can be added now, so the limit of 70 items has been removed.

    The store is now modular, this means you can now edit the slots the items are on. You can now define how many boxes you get for each purchase. New permissions have been added that you need to see and buy items in the store. Both permissions are customizable and deactivatable in store.yml. The permissions are included in the player permission 'luckybox.player'.

    The permissions have all been renamed to luckybox....

    Settings GUI:
    The SettingsGUI is now 100% translatable. A way to edit and add items ingame has been implemented.

    Compatibility and Performance:
    The plugin is now compatible for all versions from 1.8.
    The performance has been improved significantly.

    I wish you a lot of fun with the new features.
    For bugs, questions or wishes please come to our support Discord of T2Code to tell us.

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