Lucky Wheel Uptaded 3.0

This Plugin Will Spin A Wheel For 1 Diamond, And You Winning Prizes

  1. KingsMMA
    Version: 2020-08-23
    I really like this plugin, although I have a few suggestions. Firstly, you should be able to customise the messages, cost, rewards, weight of the rewards, etc. The rewards should also be able to give multiple items, and all items should be completely customisable, e.g. a renamed gkit with custom enchants, durability, and lore, or a crate key with a custom name and custom lore. You should also open the inventory back up if someone closes it. To make the wheel more immersive, you should add sounds. Finally, you should have messages for when the wheel ends. There could be a default one in the config, such as "&7[&6RandomWheel&7] &a%player% won %reward%!", aswell as an option to make it just for the player, or globally. You should also be able to override it for each reward, e.g. to make it so that when you win a gkit, it broadcasts 3 times (You would just have it so that it repeats the message 3 times in the one message) to all players online, but if you win dirt, it only sends to you, and only once.
    1. stave
      Author's Response
      yeap you actually right im gonna do this and upload it