LuckyBlocks [SKRIPT] 1.1 beta

fun luckyblock

  1. michal12sk
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    LuckyBlocks 1.1 beta


    - it's free
    - more coming soon...


    1. open
    2. open worldedit and drag the schematics into your world edit folder
    3. then open Skript and place into your scripts folder
    4. open "required" and place the plugins into your plugins folder
    5. You are done :) Now start the server

    Required plugins

    (you have addons for skript in "required")

    What skript would you like to see? Post it in the discussion and I might make a resource out of that.

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  1. Language Update

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  1. Wizzed
    Version: 1.1 beta
    Very nice luckyblock skript i hope i see more skripts like this and see more advance things i love to help out anyone and review their plugin / skript when i have time but i give you a 5 star on this skript nice job