LuckyRandomChests [1.15-1.16] | 1.1.0

random gifts containing chests for your users

  1. RaceShafter
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    With LuckyRandomChests you are able to bring more fun into your minecraft modes (e.g. survival/freebuild)!

    LuckyRandomChests places random chests with random content based on your configuration of the config.yml in the world.

    Permissions: luckyrandomchests.claim
    Command: /lrc claim | unlocks a chest

    Why LuckyRandomChests?
    • fully customizable
    • multiple worlds with different chests
    • simple to understand
    • its freee :3
    • it gets updates for a long time
    Questions? Ask me now!

    • I can open my chest without using /lrc claim and it is empty ._.
      • Please double check the configured world names. Check if they are written equal to your world names. Pay attention to lower case, upper case and no space.
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