Magic Fights 2.3

Fight with 7 magic tools

  1. SIndybad
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    This magic plugin adds 7 tools which you can use to attack/defend

    The tools:
    Lightning staff : stick
    Fireball Wand : blaze_rod
    Net Trap(spider web) : arrow
    Wind Staff : golden hoe
    Nyan Cat : bone
    Block Displacer : wooden hoe
    Healing Ruby : nether star

    My favourite tool is the Block Displacer, it makes a cool effect

    I advise putting all(or some) of the tools in a kit or as starting items

    See below for the list of permissions(all of them are false by default)
    You can set the cooldowns of each tools in the config, and the limits(how far away you can activate) of some tools

    • Extract the zip
    • Place the "MagicFights.jar" in your plugins folder
    • Set the server resource pack to the (upload it to Dropbox or something)
    • Restart your server
    #Magic Fights by Sindybad config file

    #Cooldown time for each tool
    lightning: 6
    fireball: 1
    web: 5
    mob: 10
    boost: 15
    blockpush: 15

    #How far away from the player(in blocks) the tools can strike
    lightning: 35
    web: 10
    blockpush: 25

    #The names of the items
    lightning: Lightning
    fireball: Fireball
    mob: Nyan Cat
    web: Net Trap
    boost: Wind Staff
    blockpush: Block Displacer

    #The lores(descriptions) of items(like +6 attack damage)
    lightning: Summon lightning
    fireball: Shoot fireballs
    mob: Your trusty Nyan Cat
    web: Trap foes in a net
    boost: Control the wind
    blockpush: Create invisible explosions

    #The item ids for each tool
    lightning: 280
    fireball: 369
    mob: 352
    web: 262
    boost: 294
    blockpush: 290

    #Use stacking to create show seconds till cooldown?(Might be used for duplication glitches!)
    docooldowns: True

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The permissions:
    magicfights.* : access to all tools and explode on death* : access to all tools : access to Fireball tool : access to Lightning tool : access to Nyan Cat tool : access to Net Trap tool : access to Boost tool : access to Block Displacer tool access to Heal tool
    magicfights.explodeondeath: you will explode on death

    If you create a video review on the plugin, I will put it on this page. Just tell me in the discuss

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