Magic Paper 1.4

Magic Paper to heal you when you're hurt!

  1. Coreo

    With the Magic Paper plugin, you can spawn a piece of paper with the command /magicpaper!
    It doesn't give you any ordinary piece of paper though. The command gives you a piece of paper that has the ability to feed and heal you whenever you left click with it!

    * /magicpaper
    - gives the player the Magic Paper
    * /mpreload - reloads the plugin

    * magic.paper
    * magic.reload

    Installation & Configuration:
    * Drag and drop Magic Paper.jar into your plugins folder.
    * Start your server.
    * A file named config.yml will be created in the MagicPaper folder now in your plugins folder.
    * Stop the server, open the config with notepad and change the message to whatever you'd like! Now supports color codes!

    Crafting Recipe:

    To-do list:
    * Add the enchantment-glowy-effect to the paper.
    * Add a message whenever you use the Magic Paper
    * Add a config.
    * Make the message configurable.
    * Add a reload command.
    * Add configurable health and food regain.
    * Add a configurable cooldown to how often you can regain health/hunger.
    * Add a crafting recipe and remove the command.
    * Add permission for crafting recipe.
    * Have the magic paper get destroyed on use (or x number of uses defined in the config) + an option to turn on or off the item getting destroyed.

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