Magic Swords 3.1

Swords with...magic! Well, click to find out!

  1. redstonefreak589
    Hey all! So, apparently you have clicked on a link to this plugin! Well, good for you because this might be just for you!

    This plugin is called Magic Tools, and what it does is allow you to create custom swords that enable you to have amazing forms of self defense. This plugin is still in it's alpha version, but is an official release, so it might not be balanced correctly. I plan on making it take xp depending on what kind of sword you are using.

    How to begin
    In order to start, you must find a dungeon or stronghold. This plugin scans for any chests generated in new chunks, and randomly decides if it should put a crafting book it in. If it does, and you find it, it will give you the crafting recipes for all the swords currently in the game. Each sword does something different, and each sword has different crafting recipes balanced for that game.

    Sword Types
    • Diamond Sword - Once crafted this sword will create an explosion where right clicked at. Called "Sword of Boom"
    • Gold Sword - Creates a lightning strike where right clicked. Called "Sword of Electricity"
    • Iron Sword - Heals you when you right click. Called "Sword of the Goddess"
    • Wood Sword - Places a water block where you right click. Called "Sword of Repelling"

    To keep this plugin semi-balanced, it contains a 3 second cooldown so places can't spam explosions or lightning strikes everywhere. This plugin DOES support world guard, but there are permissions you can give to players that way they can't use certain swords at certain levels. It also takes a configurable amount of XP levels or redstone from the player, IF you have those features turned on in the config. :)

    Commands and Permissions
    There are commands admins and players can use to keep their books up to date. These are:
    • /givemeabook - Gives you a crafting book without having to find a chest
    • /updatebook - Updates your book. Compares book lore to update.

    Now for permissions:
    • magictools.givebook - Allows you to use /givemeabook
    • magictools.updatebook - Allows you to update your book with /updatebook
    • magictools.<swordtype> - Allows a player to use the right click functionality of a sword.

    Current swords types are:
    • diamondsword
    • goldsword
    • woodsword
    • ironsword

    Comments, concerns, or bugs
    If you find a bug, report it to be with the bug tracker. If a player finds a bug, make them ask you to report it. This plugin shouldn't have bugs, because I don't like bugs in plugins.

Recent Updates

  1. The Logic Update