Magic Swords 3.1

Swords with...magic! Well, click to find out!

  1. The Logic Update

    This is an update that corrects the logic system. This is a long one, so bear with me :)

    So in my plugin, it would activate the ability, then check if redstone and/or xp was used. If XP was used, even if the player didn't have enough (Let's say they had 2), it would subtract the amount in the config (Let's say it was 4, so they would be reset to 0). And redstone, oh don't even get me started with the bugginess on that. Anyway, I completely redid the logic system. Now what it does is this process:

    Check if using redstone or xp. If not, activate ability
    Check if using both redstone and xp. If so do the following:
    Check if there is enough XP. If so, check if there is enough redstone. If so, change activateAbility to true. If not, change cancelAbility to true.
    If activate ability is true and cancelAbility is false, then activate ability.

    If only using one or the other, do the following:
    Check if using redstone. If so, do the following:
    Check if there is enough. If so, activate ability.
    Check if using XP. If so, do the following:
    Check if there is enough. If so, activate ability.

    So there is my logic system. This actually took me a long time to figure out, so I'm glad it works. Download this plugin to get a completely revamped version of my plugin!

    This is compatible with the latest 1.8 patch of spigot.

    /-\-/-\-/-\Last Update Log/-\-/-\-/-\

    + Added lore checking algorithm for update book function
    + The RightClickManager now respects WorldGuard regions (No more worrying about protected regions being destroyed)
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