Magic Wands | Fun Wands for your Server | Version for 1.14 - 1.15 1.1

Spice up your survival with magic wands and spells!

  1. MysticalDestroyr
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    For an updated version made for 1.16, please download this version:
    For an earlier version made for 1.11 - 1.13, please download this version:

    Note: Version 1.1 removed the dependency of ActionBarAPI.

    This plugin adds new Magic Wands to the game, which have many different abilities and spells. The cooldown between magic uses is configurable, and is set to 60 seconds as a default.

    Wands are dropped randomly, and each of the 5 wand types (I will add more in the future) has their own setting in the config.yml which controls how many times out of 100 that wand will drop. Note that mobs can drop multiple wands. Important: Although perfectly similar wands stack, most of them are different. If you have the wand drop chance set to anything higher than 5, it will probably become annoying because your inventory will fill. I recommend having this as a fun add-on, which means keeping drop chances low and the cooldown relatively long.

    There are 4 tiers that wands come in and it affects the number of times that they can be used before breaking:
    Common - 3 uses
    Rare - 8 uses
    Legendary - 16 uses
    Mythic - 25 uses
    If you would like, you can make it so that people who are opped do not damage wands when they use them, and that setting is found in the config.yml.

    Wand Creation: Players with the permission magicwands.createwand can do /createwand, /wand, or /cw to pull up a gui where they can make a completely custom wand. This feature can be disabled in the config as well.

    Types of wands and their abilities:

    - Dropped from all mobs.
    - Blasting - Strikes explosive lightning
    - Lightning - Strikes normal lightning
    - Detonation - Creates a fiery explosion
    - Healing - Heals yourself
    - Feeding - Satisfies your hunger

    Mob - Also dropped from all mobs.
    - Passive - Spawns a random passive mob
    - Hostile - Spawns a random hostile mob
    - All mobs - Allows you to spawn any mob of your choice. To use, left click with the wand to open a GUI which lets you select a mob. Once your mob is selected, right click using the wand to spawn it.

    Bone - Dropped from skeletons and wither skeletons.
    - Skeletons - Spawns a skeleton
    - Bonemeal - Drops 64 bone meal on the ground
    - Archer Gear - Drops a decent bow named "Archer's Bow" and 64 arrows

    Nether - Dropped from mobs when you are in the nether. (Not just nether-specific mobs)
    - Spawn Nether Mob - Spawns a random nether mob
    - Quartz - Creates a block of quartz ore on top of where you click
    - Lava - Same as quartz, but makes lava instead

    End - Dropped from any and all mobs when you are in the end
    - Enderman - Spawns an enderman
    - Endermite - Spawns an endermite
    - Crystal - Spawns an end crystal
    - Shulker - Spawns a shulker
    - Teleportation - Wherever you click, it is as if you used an ender pearl to teleport

    This is my very first spigot plugin, and I hope you enjoy! If you have features that you would like, I will try my best to implement them in the next update, which will be fairly soon. Please consider leaving a rating if you like it, and if you don't like it, please tell me why so I can help fix any issues you may have.