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  1. Magic 4.1 - Custom Spell Icons!

    I am very pleased to announce something I've always dreamed of for this plugin- custom spell icons! That is, without replacing any existing vanilla items.


    You will probably want to use or integrate my resource pack, or the spells won't look quite right (nor will brooms, wands or broom riding). The resource pack wand is also now a 3D item!

    The total list of vanilla items replaced by the RP is as follows:
    • wood hoe (normal wand)
    • gold hoe (engineer or higher wand)
    • gold shovel (broom)
    • zombie horse texture and sounds (broom while riding)
    You are free to take apart my RP and use as much or as little of it as you want.

    Another change I'm testing but am excited about, the spells will now indicate (with a little red "no" sign.. well, a zero) when you can't cast them:


    This could be for a number of reasons- no mana, cooldown, no permissions. It's super helpful in a duel, to know right away when your "big" spells are ready to cast again.

    Full 4.1 changelog:
    • Added custom spell icons (!!!111oneone11!)
    • Fixed Counterspell
    • Allow for transparency in images on maps
    • Improved WorldGuard integration to properly handle flags set with -g member, -g nonmember, etc
    • Add instructional messages to the wand to guide new players.
    • Undo system improvements, will now handle flowing lava/water, falling blocks (again),
      and broken attachments (signs, torches, etc)
    • The Gather spell is now a wrapper for /tpa, to be less griefy
    • Fix Magic damage (magic missile, etc) against witches
    • Some fixes/improvements to Automata death behavior
    • Auto-undo explosions won't drop blocks
    • Fix the camera spell (new Mojang skins location)
    • Fixes/work-arounds for non-working player skulls (Shrink spell)
    • Fix compatibility with WGKeepInventoryFlags plugin
    • Fix locked wands (magic items) absorbing upgrades
    • Add "can't use" icons to spells in hotbar
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