Magic 7.7.2

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. Spell Shops and Animated Spells

    Magic 4.6 is the biggest change yet since 4.0, at least under the hood.

    Make sure to check the migration notes! If you have a customized config, it may be important.

    Some spells (Laser, Earthquake, Singulary) show off the new system, and you can expect more to be added over time.

    I've also added several built-in spell shops, and the ability to configure your own.

    Check MIGRATION notes for important information on this release.
    This applies if you have customized spells, or use MagicWorlds or dtlTraders.
    • Big under-the-hood changes to support batched actions
    • Lift spell works on entities
    • Fling works while mounted
    • Earthquake throws entities
    • Laser lasts for a few seconds, has continuous effect
    • Reflect works at arbitrary angles
    • Improved handling of config file errors
    • Spell shop improvements:
      • Added customized spell shops via "spells" parameter
      • See engineershop and architectshop
      • Add balance to inventory title
      • Has confirmation screen
    View full changelog here
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