Magic 7.7.1

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. New Spells!

    This release is mainly an under-the-hood improvement release, with several bug fixes and new features.

    There are a few new spells that show off the action system some more, Tornado in particular is pretty cool.
    • Remove special characters from messages.defaults.yml files
      (Seems to be causing issues on Windows servers)
    • Various fixes for copying and restoring paintings and item frames
    • Add Gatling Gun spell
    • Add Tornado spell
    • Add Rocket spell
      • ride a firework
    • Add Forest spell
      • biome-specific forests
    • Add Firework action for launched fireworks with effects
    • Time spells are now undoable
    • Re-balance Laser, Stun and Curse
    • Action-ize several more spells
    • Add Magic.bypass_restricted permission
    • Allow overlapping spell FX
    • Fix SuperAlter
    • Allow wearing Banners with Hat spell
    Full Changelog
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