Magic 7.7.4

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. More Shops, Bug Fixes

    Added some new builtin shops (including a broom shop), the ability to create buyback shops, and a simple physical economy.

    Note that if you are using Magic shops without a Vault economy, they will now default to using emeralds instead of XP! You can still make XP-based shops if you want, and the physical economy is configurable.

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    • Fix Magic Hats disappearing, make them craftable (nether star + leather helmet)
    • Magic hats now perform one of a random set of actions
    • Add configurable list of entities to auto-undo. Now includes armor stands and dropped items.
    • Re-balance enchanting and economy a bit
    • Fix restoring chest contents creating glitched "0" amount items
    • Fix items sometimes dropping from exploded chests set to auto-undo
    • Remove "bounce" spell
    • Add support for commands in Recall (for /f home, /spawn with warmup, etc)
    • Fix Recall putting you in the ground/walls sometimes
    • Add basic physical economy to shops (defaults to emeralds if Vault is not found!)
    • Add Broom shop and Automata Heart buyback shop
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