Magic 7.9.11

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. Fixes, fixes and additions

    • Some changes and improvements to unbinding wands
    • Add "color" parameter for thrown potions in Projectile action
    • Add custom_name to disguise parameters
    • Villagers and wandering traders can't be Disarm'd
    • Fix damage-type-specific protection/weakness/strength
    • Consumable items won't be consumed if their spell cast fails
    • Fix attributes not updating max health, etc until reload
    • Fix bending water whip spell
    • Fix Blink ascend (level 3)
    • Update PAPI integration to new...
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  2. Hotfix for players not getting items from shops

    Hotfix for players not getting items from shops. That is all. Sorry bout that!
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  3. Fix emerald sword in 1.15 and below

    • Add dismount flag for Mount action
    • Support infinite, infinity and forever as Repeat parameters
    • Put in some fixes for wall-clipping Rocket spell exploits
    • Fix error when using a graduation NPC in potter configs without holding a wand
    • Add StopSound action
    • Add "phase" parameter for ender dragon mobs
    • All "spells: *" in ApplyCooldown action to clear all cooldowns
    • Add "current" parameter to Cancel action, to try to avoid canceling the current cast
    • Fix error loading...
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  4. 1.16.1 Support

    NOTE: There is currently a bug in Spigot where items saved prior to 1.16 that have vanilla attributes (attack strength, attack speed, etc) will not load in 1.16.

    There's nothing I can do about this until it is fixed on the Spigot side, so if you have a lot of saved items you may want to wait on updating.

    I have re-created the emerald sword for 1.16 which is the only way to fix the problem.

    - 1.16.1 support
    - The emerald sword is no longer unbreakable (in 1.16 and up only)
    - All...
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  5. Engineering moved to separate example configs

    Important: Like automata before it, engineering is no longer included in the survival configs. You can add it back in with "examples: engineering" if you still want it.

    With the example added, players can now automatically progress up to Architect. Conduit is still locked behind the conduitshop though.
    • Moved engineering magic into a separate example
    • Add left_click_sneak, right_click_sneak, drop_sneak and swap_sneak wand actions
    • The "examples" list in config.yml can...
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  6. Automata now in separate configs, fixed broomstick levelling

    IMPORTANT: if you're using the "block monster" automata in the survival configs you will now need to include them separately in config.yml, like

    Code (Text):
    - survival
    - automata
    • EffectLib effects can now take "forever" as a duration and "random" as a color
    • The Cast action supports "console: true" to cast as the console (take care with this)
    • Add "persist" and "invulnerable" flags to mob configs, for proto-npcs
    • Add "tags" parameter to ApplyCooldown action, for...
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  7. Yet Another Hotfix (TM)

    - Fix gamemode targeting that was broken in 7.9.4
    - Action parameters no longer inherit from parent actions to child actions. See for more info.
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  8. Hotfix for "You're not trained to use that"

    - Fix some items showing as "not trained" by mistake
    - Added ClearInventory action
    - Add "mwarp send" command, for using the builtin warp system from the console, NPCs or command blocks
    - Spells will only target survival and adventure mode players. This can be controlled with the target_game_modes parameter.
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  9. Custom Status Effects (Also important blocked-spells fix from 7.9.2)

    • PLEASE see important notes in *before* upgrading! Mostly if you have custom wands with "attributes" set.
    • Modifier system added- for custom status effects
      • Effects act very similar to temporary mage classes
      • Can apply vanilla/magic attributes, mana modifiers, cost/cooldown adjustments and more
      • Can have a duration or be manually removed
      • Use the Modifier action to...
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  10. Passive Spells!

    This release has a new passive/triggered spell system that I think opens the door to a lot of really cool possibilities. I am particularly interested in using it in the upcoming "RPG" (D&D-style) configs.

    For now, there are just two new passives added to the survival configs:
    • Aqualung: Available at the Beginner level, this gives you an extra breath of air right as you start to drown
    • Critical: Available at the Apprentice level, this gives you a random chance to...