Magic 7.6.19

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. Recent 1.13.2 Compatibility Update

    • Fix for some internal CraftBukkit changes somewhere in 1.13.2
    • Block and mob photo improvements (Thanks to Yanis48!)
    • Reduce log spam by default (use log_verbosity in config.yml to get all those logs back, if you want)
  2. Anti-Exploit and other fixes

    • Add NCP exemptions for creative flight as well as survival flight
    • Fix a block dupe exploit when using spells that destroy blocks
    • Fix appearanceshop not being usable with other wands having the transformable tag
    • Add tweakable wand tag for use in controlsmenu
    • Add option to delay logout, for compatibility with plugins that kill players on logout
    • Fix Blink ability to pass through ceilings unintentionally in certain cases
    • Add "/mage deactivate" command, to force-close...
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  3. Hotfixes!

    The last build had a nasty bug in it that would interfere with the timing of many spells.

    This also fixes compatibility with the current (du jour) builds of WorldGuard.
    • Some fixes to work with latest WorldGuard/WorldEdit
    • Fix bug from 7.1.16 that makes construction spells take longer to build
    • Tone down particles on shell and blob because apparently Mojang doesn't like fixing things they broke. But hey, pandas, amirite?
    • Fix some issues with strength (damage multipliers)
  4. Just a few bug fixes

    Dev builds from here on are going to be 8.0 snapshots, which will be for 1.13 and up only.

    I plan on keeping both versions maintained for as long as I can, but there are starting to be a few bugs creeping in that are too difficult to fix for 1.13 in a backwards-compatible way so I think it's finally time to branch.

    • Fix some hangs that could happen when using an infinite Repeat action
    • Fix using `repeat: infinite`
    • Add `offhand` parameter for mobs holding...
  5. 1.13.2 Support

    • Currency items are now unbreakable so custom item icons can be used
    • Add support for 1.13.2
    • Reduce laggy Blast undo effects
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  6. Fix appearance/buff shops, other fixes

    • Fix some spells, like Torch, not working in natural caves in 1.13
    • Fix the appearance shop and other wand customizations
    • Add some new config options to help synchronize Bungee servers that are using a linked filesystem to share Magic player data
    • Add "numeric" option to ModifyLore action
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  7. Fix Engineering Spells and Chop (in 1.13)

    • Add "permission" parameter to Recall options, to allow locking warps/commands with permissions
    • Add "rotation" and "orient" parameters to image effects
    • Fix Chop spell in 1.13
    • Fix engineering spells (maybe only broken in 1.13 ... ?)
    • Add Grapple Arrow (WIP, not available yet- thanks to NeoFalcon)
    • Allow negative values for strength/weakness/protection (if stack is set to true)
  8. ModifyLore action, some fixes to block damage, other stuff

    • Add ignore_region_overrides spell parameter, for making spells ignore worldguard flags that would allow them
      to break/build when they otherwise wouldn't be able to (yes, a super specific request)
    • Engineering magic will now ignore allowed-spells: *, so no permanent changes can be made in regions that allow
      spells to change blocks. (This is changeable via "override" in spells.yml if you want)
    • Fix the Drop action not being undoable
    • Partial block damage (cracks) now undo...
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  9. Hotfix for protection/pvp integration breaking on /magic load

    I hate when I find a really bad bug just moments after releasing!

    Sadly this one has been here a while, but I didn't notice it until now.

    The issue is that WorldGuard, Factions and other build/break/pvp plugin integrations will stop working after using the "/magic load" command. Pretty terrible, sorry!
  10. Knowledge Books


    You can now give players Knowledge Books (in 1.13) containing any custom Magic crafting recipes. When a player uses these books, the recipes are added to their recipe book.

    • Add "as_percentages" parameter to CheckHealth action, to use percentages instead of raw health values.
    • Add "/mgive recipe:wand" (or "recipe:*") item style, for giving recipe knowledge books (1.13 only)
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