Magic 8.3.3

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. Fix Potter Example Progression, Other Fixes

    • Fix PVP preventing players from targeting themselves
    • Fix some wand dupe issues
    • Fix toggle spells instantly cancelling themselves the very first time you cast it
    • Fix potter example progression
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  2. Hotfix for issues with spell levels on wands

    This release fixes a single bug in 8.3 and 8.3.1 where spell levels would get lost or act strangely on wands when spells level up.

    This bug only affects wands that store spell levels themselves (so not any of the builtin configs, which use classes).

    Cast counts were not affected, so my hope is that if this bug hit you, your players only need to cast their spells a few times to get them to all re-upgrade back where they were. I apologize for any inconvenience!
  3. Hotfixes!

    • Fix infinite recursion error when using `/cast day` from the console
    • Fix Red Dragon not spawning in spawnmobs example (it should spawn randomly in the nether)
    • Fix potterplus external example URL
    • Fix consumable (`uses`) wands crashing creative, by not having them get consumed
    • Lower volume of base wand FX
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  4. Here there be dragons!


    New boss mobs, will spawn randomly if you're using the "spawnmobs" example with survival. Much thanks to Night for donating these to the plugin!

    NOTE: The dragons require both the resource pack and the (Free and excellent!) LibsDisguises plugin (which itself requires ProtocolLib)...
  5. Whoops- fix Vault compatibility

    • Fix badly compiled 8.2.1 build which was breaking anything with Vault interaction, including all shops and progressmenu
    • Fix a bug when using a broomstick in an offhand and landing while your wand inventory is open
    • Fix temporary blocks becoming permanent after using Peek on them
  6. Hotfixes!

    • Revert default behavior of CheckBlock action targeting, 8.2 may have broken some spells that use it. Sorry about that!
    • Fix potter, stars and bending examples also containing all survival spells
    • Add off-by-default target_pet parameter to spells, will ignore pets from SimplePets
    • Fix crafting the magic sword in legacy MC versions
    • Fix temporary items being able to be picked up on older MC versions (persistent metadata API was broken)
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  7. World Customization, Mob Spawning, Tons of Performance Optimizations

    Happy Holidays!

    Build a skating rink out of ice and then use /mnpc add skater for some festive fun!


    This build contains many, many optimizations: memory leaks plugged, synchronous chunk loads eliminated (on Paper), hard entity references removed.

    MagicWorlds Merged
    • Magic can now customize world generation and mob spawning without needing MagicWorlds
    • Configs go into the worlds...
  8. Hotfixes, Magic Bow Nerf

    - Fix compatibility with older versions of LibsDisguises
    - Fix some issues absorbing spell items, now requires you to be holding your wand
    - Fix cure not working on the caster
    - Fix releasing player data locks on shutdown, causing warnings on next login
    - Fix lightsaber appearances in legacy MC versions
    - Allow crafting a magic sword with a damaged netherite sword
    - Fix /mnpc player command
    - Fix OP damage of Magic Bow regular arrows
  9. A little bit more rebalancing, reworked Gather, Blind, Poison, Alternate RPs

    A big new batch of features!

    Migration Notes

    • There was an off-by-one error in the Skip action. I'm hoping this won't have a big impact, but if this has messed up the timing of your spells I apologize! You will need to increase the skip parameter by one, the action was skipping once more than it should have been.
    • PlayEffects and PlaySound no longer give cast credit. Use effects_count_as_cast: true to change this back
    • Added...
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  10. Hotfixes (It's always hotfixes now between major versions!)

    Nothing too major here, you can probably skip this update unless you've been having specific problems with any of the following:
    • Fix NPE in legacy minecraft versions using ModifyBlock
    • Another tweak to death handling to work better with keep-inv plugins (Dead Souls this time)
    • Fix torches next to ore getting eaten by Mine spell
    • Fix crafting issues on Bedrock
    8.1 Hopefully coming soon!
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