MagicalWands! for 1.10-1.11-1.12 [STOPPED] V2.0

Wands like fireball and swift!

  1. Fixed pl Did the encryption wrong

    ^ look at tha title ^
  2. TIER 2!

    This update includes:

    Tier 2 wands!

    Whats different?
    Tier 2 wands are much stronger!

    Use /Rekt changes for more information about whats coming!
  3. Wrong file!

    ^ look title
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  4. V1.0.1 (Read below)

    This update includes:

    Made the messages.yml short af (af = as fuck)
    Changed the /rekt wands menu!
    Enabled the master wand!

    Have fun and rate 5 stars please! :p
  5. Recoded the complete plugin!


    In this update i recoded the complete plugin
    Master wand is blocked right now cuz it isnt finsihed 100%
    Lagg is on its minimum
    Code cleaned (Still 488KB because of obfucation. Normally 133KB without obfucation.)
    And new config option so be smart and reset your config! (Block-Damage for the fireball wand AND lightning wand. They create an explosion you can disable block damage in the config!)

    Rate 5 stars please! :p
  6. [] New wand air wand!

    This update includes:
    New wand Air wand!
    Improved wand menu!
    Fixed /rekt reload 1.11 and above bugg!

    Copy your messages and config.yml and paste it in the new one after resetting it!
  7. Added new config option!

    You can now choose your detail mode!

    Low-Detailed: true
    Normal-Detailed: false
    High-Detailed: false

    Rate 5 stars please :p
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  8. Fixed avatarwand cooldown not working!

    ^ title xD
  9. New wand!

    Hello this update includes:
    NEW WAND AVATAR WAND!!! (Closely unbeatable so dont fuck arount with it xD 1v10 and you will still win! WARNING: alot of particles!)

    And thats really it! ENJOY!
  10. [] was a failure... xD this is the good version!

    ^ Look at the title