MagicBottle 1.5.1

Save player experience in magical bottles

  1. 1.13 SUPPORT

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  2. 1.8 support and repair enhancement

    • Minecraft 1.8 support
    • Ability to choose which enchantment is needed for tools to be repairable. It can also be "ANY" enchantment.
    • Auto repair now searches for bottles in the whole inventory
    • "Fixed" a "bug" that made bottles remain with 1 durability point not repaired after using /mb repair
    • Code improvements and more bug fixing
  3. Added option to stop using the custom enchantment

    You'll need to delete your config.yml file to see the new option, or add this at the end of the file:
    Code (Text):
      disable custom enchantments: false
    Set it to true if you're having issues with bottles that stop working, or don't work at all.
  4. More bug fixing

    • Fixed XP not being taken correctly from players.
  5. Bug fixing

    Fixed NullPointerException
  6. Costs

    You NEED to delete your config.yml and messages.yml files and let them generate again.
    Sorry for the delay, I had some problems lately. As always contact me if you find any issues regarding this update.

    New features:
    • Optional cost for crafting new MagicBottles (Vault required).
    • Optional cost for saving experience in MagicBottles.
    New permissions:
    • magicbottle.action.deposit.cost.exempt: Exempts a player from paying the cost to...
  7. Metrics & bug fixing

    - Added metrics
    - Bug fixing

    * Feel free to share any ideas you would like to see implemented in the plugin!
  8. Sounds & new bottle item

    • Changed bottle material to DRAGON_BREATH to avoid throwing the bottle.
    • Now the plugin prevents players from using bottles in anvils and brewing
    • Added a new sound when the bottle is crafted
    • Changed some more sounds
    • Changed default messages colors (in messages.yml)
    • Changed default max level values (in config.yml)
    • Bug fixing
    • Bug unfixing
  9. Bug fixing

    • Fixed an exception with the latest Spigot 1.12 version
    • Fixed a bug where bottles could be thrown sometimes when pointing to an entity (yeah again :()
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  10. Bug fixing

    • Fixed a bug where players could duplicate MagicBottles
    • Fixed a bug that caused experience to be drained from stacked bottles when repairing
    • Fixed a bug that allowed MagicBottles to be crafted from other MagicBottles
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