MagicChat 1.0

Run commands, spells, roleplay through chat

  1. libraryaddict

    MagicChat was originally developed for the 'Hackatron' competition that itsjhalt ran.
    This entry did not win, and I've developed it since then.

    Quite simply, this plugin is very dymanic and chat based.
    Its very useful for drama..

    Put simply.
    You talk in chat.
    Stuff happens.

    For example.
    Say in chat "Oh gods of the air. Strike down the unbeliever <Names>!"
    Lightning will then strike all the names you specified!

    You can add, change and remove the chat spells in the config.
    You can also replace what was said!
    You can use the api (Just extend the class Spell and register using MagicApi) to create new spells.

    Or use skript! Skript is a developement tool meant for those who are not saavy in the art of programming.
    I don't know myself how to use skript. But a quick reference to MagicChat's api with that is

    Code (Text):
    on spell cast: (When a spell is cast)
       broadcast spell arg 0 (Broadcast the first argument it was given)
       broadcast spell (Broadcasts its spell name)
       broadcast player (Broadcasts the name of the player who activated this spell)
    Look in the config for information on setting your own chat spells.
    Use skript or the api if you wish to create your own events.

    This plugin is a lot of fun for showing off.
    Especially if you can think of inventive spells and effects to go along with them.

    Such as pausing in the middle of a battle and offering a prayer to your gods. Then in a flash of thunder you are suddenly up and faster than before!

    The source is found here

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