MagicItems 2.0.0

Get some OP items with one command!

  1. dkim19375
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If there are bugs, please report them to Github or the discord!

    This plugin will give you Diamond/Netherite armor, diamond/netherite tools, a sword, a bow, elytra, 64 arrows, a flint and steel, and rockets. They are all enchanted level 32767 except looting (set to 1000 to prevent massive lag and crashes), fortune, and knockback. There is a config file to change the enchantment levels.

    ⚠ WARNING:
    The looting enchants on the tools may cause lag, and even crash some servers if used too many times! Please keep this in mind and only give trusted people permission to use the command!!

    /magicitems help - shows help
    /magicitems give - gives items
    /magicitems version - shows version and checks if the plugin is up-to-date
    /magicitems enchants help - shows help
    /magicitems enchants toggle - toggle if enchantments will show on the items
    /magicitems enchants status - shows if the toggle is on or off
    /magicitems attrubutes help - shows help
    /magicitems attrubutes toggle - toggle if attributes will show on the items
    /magicitems attrubutes status - shows if the toggle is on or off
    /magicitems vanishing help - shows help
    /magicitems vanishing toggle - toggle if the vanishing curse will be on the item
    /magicitems vanishing status - shows if the toggle is on or off
    /magicitems binding help - shows help
    /magicitems binding toggle - toggle if the vanishing curse will be on the item curse
    /magicitems binding status - shows if the toggle is on or off

    - magicitems.give - Able to give items
    - magicitems.enchants - Able to toggle enchants
    - magicitems.attributes - Able to toggle attributes
    - magicitems.vanishing - Able to toggle the vanishing curse
    - magicitems.binding - Able to toggle the binding curse

    Default Config.yml (so that you can update the config without losing all config data):
    # The message will show in-game and in console
    message: Reloading MagicItems!
    reloaded-message: Successfully Reloaded MagicItems!

    Enchant-Levels: #Max: 32767 or it will be a negative.
    protection: 32767
    fire_protection: 32767
    feather_falling: 32767
    blast_protection: 32767
    projectile_protection: 32767
    respiration: 32767
    aqua_affinity: 32767
    thorns: 32767
    depth_strider: 32767
    frost_walker: 32767
    binding_curse: 1
    sharpness: 32767
    smite: 32767
    bane_of_arthropods: 32767
    knockback: 1
    fire_aspect: 32767
    looting: 1000 # Don't put too high of a number!
    sweeping: 32767
    efficiency: 32767
    silk_touch: 1
    unbreaking: 32767
    fortune: 1000 # Don't put too high of a number!
    power: 32767
    punch: 1
    flame: 32767
    infinity: 32767
    luck_of_the_sea: 32767
    lure: 32767
    mending: 32767
    vanishing_curse: 32767
    channeling: 32767
    impaling: 32767
    loyalty: 32767
    multishot: 32767
    piercing: 32767
    quick_charge: 5 # Max: 5. Putting anything higher will break the crossbow!
    soul_speed: 10

    Known Bugs:
    - None so far


    Other Info:
    To get support or post issues, join the discord here or make an issue on github here!
    Also, be sure to add suggestions of what I should add to the plugin!
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Recent Reviews

  1. andreisava4
    Version: 1.0.0
    Really good plugin, i use it all the time for my testing server, killing mobs quickly and such things. The developer is an really cool guy, provides support immediately for his plugins and tries so hard to fix the problem that has been reported.
    1. dkim19375
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'm happy that you use it a lot and enjoy it! :)
  2. KingsMMA
    Version: 1.0.0
    I really like this plugin, although it would be nice if you fixed the crashing (Ik you mentioned, but still). Doing things like /magicitems enchants would just bring up the usage, I had to use tabcomplete to know what the subarguments were. The main thing that I think was holding this plugin back was that the commands weren't the easy to understand or use. Another thing you could add could be making it so that the nbt held the uuid of the owner, and the would get wiped from existence if another player had it in their inv, a container in their inv, or it was in any container in the wild.