MagicItems 2.0.0

Get some OP items with one command!


    This is version 2.0.0 - an entire recode!
    Unlike the other versions, I've completely redone all the code, as this was my first project/plugin, and the code was horrible.
    I've still kept the config.yml for compatibility, however there are some other changes that you should take notice of.
    • Tab completions only appear if you have the correct permissions (including sub-arguments), this might be helpful in making sure players only have the correct permissions while testing
    • Permissions have changed - look at the front page, I've removed a bunch of redundant permissions to make it less complex to use, and also added some missing permissions
    • Remember that I said I completely redone all the code? This might mean that there are new bugs (although the recode should fix past bugs, as I reduced the code by about 800 lines, making the code simpler and bug-free) and maybe some missing features, please report them on the discord server!
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