MagicWands 2.0-pre1

Magic in Minecraft. Spells, Wands and more.

  1. Fixed download URL

    the download link was broken and is now working again. New Update will be released this summer.
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  2. Configurable Spells and Translations

    Added Options to edit a Spell (Edit Spells), multiple languages and a permission based /wand command (Permissions are the names of the Spells). Additionally, you can reduce the cooldown by having the levelup.2 or levelup.4 permission.
  3. Added 1.8.3 Support

    Warning! If you still use 1.8, do not download this Update as some features might not work for you!

    The Plugin has been multiversioned. All 1.8.x Versions are supported now.
  4. Auto Updater & Faster API

    In this Update, we released an Auto-Updater to push updates more easily and frequently, for example for small bug fixes. No data is sent from your server but you can still disable the Updater under Settings in the MagicWands interface.
    Additionally, there is now a list of the crafting recipes for the spells available via the /mw recipes command. Please also check out the administrative commands via /mw help .
    All other changes are bugfixes and performance improvments.

  5. 1.2 - The Compatibility and Interface Update

    This Update includes a new Interface when executing /magicwands (/mw) for settings and more. You are now also able to use a new experience system which resolves many compatibility issues.
  6. Full Release of the Plugin

    • Spells now cost experience
    • Added new Spells
    • Improved the Feather Falling Spell
    • Increased Performance
    • Created nice welcome screen
    • Added a wiki
  7. Added Crafting Recipe for Spells and more Spells

    In this update, I am introducing a system for crafting spells. You have to put the necessary items in a cauldron and then right-click with a wand to apply the spell to that wand.
    Now, there are also more spells available which directly affect the player holding the wand and not the sourrounding. Please see the main post for more information about that.
  8. Commands and Permissions

    Added Commands and Permissions