MailW v1.0.0

A Smart E-mail Sending API For Bukkit / Spigot

  1. ElaBosak
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
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    Have you ever imagined linking the whitelist and activation code? Have you ever thought about delivering weekly reports to players? Have you ever thought of sending banned players a banned notification? ...Now, MailW can help you solve these problems. MailW is a pre-plugin that supports custom html mail. With only a little Bukkit programming experience, you can continue to develop on the basis of MailW to achieve your unachieved goals. To help you better manage your server, MailW supports the use of specific placeholders to replace variables in the Bukkit API to easily embed player names and other content into emails.


    Code (YAML):
    ## If you want to use these commands, you are supposed to have permission "MailW.general"(Give all by default)
    /MailW set <Email> -- Record MailW mailbox
    /MailW remove -- Remove MailW mailbox records

    Code (YAML):
    ## If you want to use these commands, you are supposed to have permission "MailW.admin"(Give op by default)
    /MailWController set <Email> <SMTP> <Port> <Password> -- Set the sending email
    /MailWController test <Player> -- Send test emails to specific players
    /MailWController send <Player> <Template> -- Send specified template emails to specific players

    1. Create a folder in the /plugins/MailW/template directory, named example, and create a new file named index.html in the folder.
    2. Use notepad (more professional editor is better) to open index.html.
    3. Enter the following code.
      <!--Specifies that files are encoded in UTF-8 format-->
         <meta charset="UTF-8">
      <!--Set the email subject based on the content in <title>...</title>-->
      <!--Set the email subject based on the content in <sender hideen>...</sender>-->
      <sender hidden>YourName</sender>
      <!--Since it is an email, the contents of <titile>...</title> and <sender hidden>...</sender> are not visible, and the rest of the content will be judged as the body of the email, you can use inline style-->
      <h1>{{}}</h1>, If you see this email, it means that <b>MailW</b> has been able to send mail normally on your server
    4. Enter the server and enter the command /MailWController send <YourName> example (If you have never set up MailW or you have never set up your own mailbox, please follow the COMMANDS section to set up before you send the example email).
    5. Open your mailbox, you can see the mail sent by MailW to you.

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