MainMC plugin - Alternative to Essentials 3.0.2

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  1. Nothing00
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    MainMC is an alternative to the essentials plugin, it has many more features and weighs only a tenth of it.
    MainMC is not just meant to improve the minecraft server environment with the implementation of new conveniences, but also solves a number of bugs not only present in essentials but in many well-known plugins.


    Java 8+
    some functions are to be bothered by:
    PermissionsEx, PermissionsPlus, MultiEconomy

    obviously it is incompatible with essentials

    Follow my tutorials on YouTube: Vita Da Founder


    Why download MainMC?
    - 100% customizable translatable messages
    - Independent economy system (you can disable it to use vault)
    - Ban-IP system more advanced than the classic
    - more than 10 bugs in essentials fixed
    - Multiple admin commands for user management
    - A complete system of archives for all sanctions
    - Ability to use different commands on other users (which is impossible in essentials)
    - Advanced mail system.
    - Possibility to implement commands and kits aliases in kits
    - Integrated Spawn-TP
    - More customized signs
    - Announcement in integrated chat (you can even deactivate if you do not want to use them)
    - Integrated ItemRestricted functions
    - 6 new protection systems, preemption from grief or exploit
    - kits that can be created from the game
    - you can create custom written books

    If this is not enough, download the plugin to find out more! ;)

    Official tutorial: [ITA]

    if you are YouTuber make a tutorial and send me your link!


    Commands List:

    main command
    /MainMC reload reload plugin
    /MainMC help show list of commands
    /gmc <player> set player gamemode to creative
    /gms <player> set player gamemode to survival
    /gma <player> set player gamemode to adventure
    /gm <gm> <player> set player gamemode
    /vanish <player> set player to invisible
    /give <player> <id> <amount> [enchant:level] [name:customname] give items to a player
    /item <id> <amount> get items
    /enchant <enchant> <level> enchant item in your hand
    /kick <player> <motivation> kick a player form server
    /kickall <motivation> kick all players online
    /xp show <player> show player xp value
    /xp give <player> <level> give xp value to a player
    /xp set <player> <level> set new xp value to a player
    /feed <player> feed hunger bar to a player
    /heal <player> set healthy to a player
    /god <player> set a player invincible
    /hat <player> set a block in your hand as hat to a player
    /fly <player> set fly mod to a player
    /speed <walk/fly> <1-10> <player> set speed fly or walk to a player
    /walkspeed <1-10> <player> set walk speed to a player
    /flyspeed <1-10> <player> set fly speed to a player
    /day set day in all worlds to a player
    /night set night in all worlds
    /sun set weather to sunny
    /storm set weather to stormy
    /thunder set weather to thundering
    /repair hand reapir item in your hand
    /repair all reapir all items in your inventory
    /workbench Open the workbench
    /me send a messagga to all serve
    /clear <player> clar a player inventory
    /tp <player> <toplayer> teleport to a player
    /tphere <player> teleport a player to you
    /tpall <player> teleport all players to player
    /tppos <x> <y> <z> <player> teleport a player to a specific location
    /tptoggle <player> enable/disable teleport request to a player
    /invsee <player> see a player inventory
    /endersee <player> see a player enderchest
    /broadcast send a broadcast messagge
    /kill <player> kill a player
    /suicide kill your self
    /getpos <player> get a player location
    /spawner <mobtype> set mob spawner type
    /mobkill <mobtype/all> kill mobs in the worlds
    /thor <player> thunderstruck a player
    /list see list of all players online
    /afk <player> <cause> set a player afk
    /helpstaff <message> send a message to staff
    /msg <player> <message> send private message to a player
    /reply <message> reply to a private message
    /back go to your last location
    /tpa <player> send teleport request to a player
    /tpaccept accept a teleport request
    /tpdeny reject a teleport request
    /tpahere request to a player to teleport to you
    /setspawn set spawn location
    /spawn go to spawn location
    /setwarp <warp> set a warp location
    /warp <warp> go to a warp
    /warps see all avaible warps
    /delwarp delete an existing warp
    /kit <kit> <player> give a kit to a player
    /kits see all avaible kits
    /nick <nickname/off> <player> set a custom display name in chat
    /realname <nickname> see real username form custom nickname
    /ignore <player> <playertoignore> ignore a player when write in chat
    /ignores <player> see list of all players ignored
    /socialspy <player> see all private message
    /mail send <player> <message> send a mail to a player
    /mail read read your mails
    /mail clear dlete your mails
    /spymail show admin commands mail
    /motd see main motd
    /sethome <homename> set an home
    /home <homename> go to an home
    /delhome <homename> delete an home
    /adminhome show admin commands home
    /mute <player> <motivation> mute a player
    /unmute <player> allow to write in chat to a player
    /tempmute <player> <m/h> <motivation> mute a player for a specific time in minutes or hours
    /ban <player> <motivation> ban a player from server
    /unban <player> unban a player from server
    /unbanall unban all banned players
    /tempban <player> <h/d/y> <motivation> ban a player for a specific time in hours, deays or years
    /world <worldname> <player> teleport a player to a world
    /top <player> teleport a player to top block location
    /createjail <name> create a jail in your location
    /jails see all avaible jails
    /deljail <name> delete an existing jail
    /jail <player> <jail> set a player in a specific jail
    /unjail <player> remove a player to jail
    /lookup <player> check if a player is banned or muted
    /banip <player/IP> <motivation> ban an IP or a player IP
    /unbanip <player/IP> unban an ip or a player IP
    /seen <player/IP> see all player IP or all users than have the same IP
    /setlockaccount <keyword> set a keyword to unlock your account on IP change
    /unlockaccount <keyword> if you change IP you can unlock your account
    /history <player> see al bans, kicks and mutes of a player
    /balance <player> see money balance
    /pay <player> <amount> pay money to a player
    /eco give <player> <amount> give money to a player
    /eco take <player> <amount> remove money to a player
    /eco set <player> <amount> set new money balance to a player
    /firstlogin <player> to get when player join the first time in date.
    /kitcreator create <kit> create a kit in game.
    /kitcreator setdelay <kit> <delay> set a kit delay.
    /kitcreator setalias <kit> <kit alias> set a kit as alias in an other kit.
    /kitcreator setcmd <kit> <command> add command to a kit.
    /kitcreator delete <kit> delete an existing kit.
    /book see custom book list
    /book <book> get a custom book
    /book <book> <player> give a custom book to a player
    /skull <owner> <player> give a custom skull to a player
    /ping <player> see player ping


    Permissions description:
    main.reload - Permission to reload plugin configuration.
    main.gamemode - Permission to change gamemode.
    main.gamemode.other - Permission to change gamemode to other players.
    main.give - Permission to give items.
    main.vanish - Permission to become invisible.
    main.vanish.other - Permission to set invisible an other player.
    main.enchant - Permission to enchant item in your hand.
    main.kick - Permission to kick a player.
    main.xp - Permission to use XP commands. - Permission to show a player XP.
    main.xp.set - Permission to set XP player value.
    main.xp.give - Permission to give XP levels to player.
    main.feed - Permission to use feed command.
    main.feed.other - Permission to use feed command on other player.
    main.heal - Permission to use heal command.
    main.heal.other - Permission to use heal command on other player.
    main.god - Permission to toggle on/off god mode.
    main.god.other - Permission to active/disable god mode on other player.
    main.hat - Permission to set block in your hand as hat.
    main.hat.other - Permission to set block in your hand as hat on other player. - Permission to toggle on/off fly mode. - Permission to toggle on/off fly mode on other player.
    main.speed - Permission to use speed command.
    main.time - Permission to change time in all worlds. - Permission to change weather in all worlds. - Permission to use repair command. - Permission to repair item in your hand. - Permission to repair all items in your inventory.
    main.workbench - Permission to open workbench as inventory. - Permission to use /me command.
    main.clear - Permission to clear your inventory.
    main.clear.other - Permission to clear inventory of other players. - Permission to teleport to an other player. - Permission to teleport a player to an other player.
    main.tphere - Permission to teleport an other player to you.
    main.invsee - Permission to see inventory of an other player.
    main.invsee.interact - Permission to interact with inventory of an other player.
    main.enderchest - Permission to open enderchest as inventory.
    main.enderchest.other - Permission to see enderchest of an other player.
    main.enderchest.other.interact - Permission to interact with enderchest of an other player.
    main.broadcast - Permission to use broadcast command.
    main.kickall - Permission to kick all player online.
    main.kill - Permission to kill a player.
    main.tpall - Permission to teleport all player online to you.
    main.tppos - Permission to teleport to a location.
    main.tptoggle - Permission to toggle allow or deny teleporting to you.
    main.getpos - Permission to see your location.
    main.getpos.other - Permission to see location of an other player.
    main.spawner - Permission to change mob spawner type.
    main.thor - Permission to fulminate an other player.
    main.list - Permission to see list of all player online.
    main.list.viewall - Permission to see list of all player online (incluse player vanished).
    main.afk - Permission to use /afk command.
    main.afk.other - Permission to set afk an other player.
    main.afk.bypasskick - Permission to stay online after afk-kick-time. - Permission to go to afk automatically.
    main.helpstaff - Permission to use helpstaff command.
    main.helpstaff.receive - Permission to see message sent to helpstaff.
    main.msg - Permission to send private message.
    main.replay - Permission to reply to a private message.
    main.back - Permission to use back command.
    main.tpa - Permission to use tpa command.
    main.tpahere - Permission to use tpahere command.
    main.tpaccept - Permission to accept a teleport request.
    main.tpdeny - Permission to reject a teleport request.
    main.setspawn - Permission to set spawn.
    main.spawn - Permission to use /spawn command.
    main.warps - Permission to use warp commands.
    main.warp.list - Permission to see warp list.
    main.warp - Permission to use warp command.
    main.setwarp - Permission to set a warp.
    main.delwarp - Permission to delete a warp.
    main.back.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass delay back command.
    main.spawn.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass delay spawn command.
    main.warps.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass delay warp command.
    main.kit - Permission to use kit command.
    main.kits - Permission to see kit list.
    main.kits.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass kit give delay.
    main.kits.other - Permission to give kit to other players.
    main.kit.<name> - Permission to get a specific kit.
    main.nick - Permission to set a custom name.
    main.nick.color - Permission to use nickname color.
    main.nick.format - Permission to use nickname format.
    main.nick.magic - Permission to use &k format in nickname.
    main.nick.other - Permission to set a custom nickname to an other player.
    main.realname - Permission to use realname command.
    main.heal.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass heal delay.
    main.feed.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass feed delay.
    main.ignore.bypassignore - Permission to bypass ignore.
    main.ignore - Permission to use ignore command.
    main.ignore.other - Permission to set a player ignored from an other player.
    main.ignores - Permission to see list of ignored players.
    main.ignores.other - Permission to see list of ignored players of an other player.
    main.socialspy - Permission to use socialspy command.
    main.socialspy.other - Permission to toggle on/off socialspy mod to an other player.
    main.mail - Permission to use mail command.
    main.mail.send - Permission to send an email. - Permission to read an email.
    main.mail.clear - Permission to delete all email.
    main.spymail - Permission to use spymail commands. - Permission to read mails of an other player.
    main.spymail.clear - Permission to delete all emails of an other player.
    main.spymail.clearindex - Permission to delete a specif mail of an other player.
    main.motd - Permission to see server motd.
    main.silentjoin - Permission to bypass join notification.
    main.silentjoin.vanish - Permission to became invisible on join.
    main.silentquit - Permission to bypass quit notification.
    main.untouchable - Permission to bypass all kick, bans, mutes...
    main.home - Permission to use home command.
    main.sethome - Permission to set home. - Permission to set multiple home (number of vip)
    main.sethome.staff - Permission to set multiple home (number of staff)
    main.delhome - Permission to delete home.
    main.delhome.other - Permission to delete home of an other player.
    main.home.other - Permission to see homes of an other player.
    main.adminhome - Permission to use admin-home commands.
    main.adminhome.teleport - Permission to teleport to an home of an other player.
    main.adminhome.set - Permission to set an home of an other player.
    main.mute - Permission to use mute command.
    main.tempmute - Permission to use tempmute command.
    main.unmute - Permission to use unmute command. - Permission to write in chat. - Permission to use colors in chat. - Permission to use format in chat. - Permission to use &k format in chat.
    main.sign - Permission to use sign.
    main.sign.color - Permission to use color in sign.
    main.sign.format - Permission to use format in sign.
    main.sign.magic - Permission to use &k format in sign.
    main.sign.create.disposal - Permission to create a disposal sign.
    main.sign.create.time - Permission to create a time sign. - Permission to create a weather sign.
    main.sign.create.enchant - Permission to create a enchant sign.
    main.sign.create.warp - Permission to create a warp sign.
    main.sign.create.kit - Permission to create a kit sign.
    main.sign.create.heal - Permission to create a heal sign. - Permission to create a repair sign.
    main.sign.create.gamemode - Permission to create a gamemode sign. - Permission to create a free sign. Permission to create a buy sign.
    main.sign.create.balance - Permission to create a balance sign.
    main.sign.create.sell - Permission to create a sell sign.
    main.sign.use.disposal - Permission to use a disposal sign.
    main.sign.use.time - Permission to use a time sign. - Permission to use a weather sign.
    main.sign.use.enchant - Permission to use a enchant sign.
    main.sign.use.warp - Permission to use a warp sign.
    main.sign.use.kit - Permission to use a kit sign.
    main.sign.use.heal - Permission to use a heal sign. - Permission to use a repair sign.
    main.sign.use.gamemode - Permission to use a gamemode sign. - Permission to use a free sign. Permission to use a buy sign.
    main.sign.use.balance - Permission to use a balance sign.
    main.sign.use.sell - Permission to use a sell sign. - Permission to build. - Permission to interact with blocks. - Permission to place blocks. - Permission to break blocks. - Permission to bypass interact blacklist. - Permission to bypass place blacklist. - Permission to bypass break blacklist. - Permission to teleport to a world. - Permission to teleport a player to a world.
    main.jail - Permission to use jail command.
    main.jail.create - Permission to create a jail.
    main.jail.delete - Permissiont to delete a jail.
    main.jails - Permission to see jail list.
    main.unjail - Permission to unjail a player.
    main.lookup - Permission to see lookup about a player.
    main.banip - Permission to use banip command.
    main.unbanip - Permission to use unbanip command.
    main.tempban - Permission to tempban
    main.ban - Permission to ban
    main.unban - Permission to unban
    main.seen - Permission to see IP information.
    main.bypasscommands - Permission to bypass blacklist commands.
    main.balance - Permission to see your balance.
    main.balance.other - Permission to see balance of a player. - Permission to use eco commands. - Permission to give money. - Permission to set new player balance. - Permission to remove money from player balance. - Permission to use pay command.
    main.firstlogin - Permission to use firstlogin command.
    main.vanish.pvp - Keep vanish in pvp
    main.god.pvp - Keep godmode in pvp
    main.kits.creator - Permissions to managing kit in game - Permission to use /book command - Permission to give book to other player.
    main.skull - Permission to use /skull
    main.skull.other - Permission to give skull to a player - Permission to use /ping - Permission to see others players ping










    [GM type]




    Contact for information or tips: [email protected]
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Recent Reviews

  1. fabrizioplay
    Version: 3.0.2
    Bel plugin, molto funzionale il problema è l'economia non ancora compatibile con vault. Spero che lo sistemerai presto perchè cio limita molto
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      l'economia di MainMC puoi disattivarla e utilizzare quindi un altro plugin che funziona con Vault senza problemi... è probabile che renderò compatibile anche MainMC con Vault, ma potrebbe essere un giorno molto lontano, quindi il miglior consiglio è fare in questo modo.
  2. MhaWTHoR
    Version: 3.0.1
    Nice to see /ping command to work on all versions.
    I suggest you use abstraction for support all versions.
    it's faster than reflection.
    I told u you should use reflection in my another review but I just ffound out this abstraction thing.
    Nice work bro.
  3. MhaWTHoR
    Version: 3.0
    Cool plugin.I use it in my server.Can you add LuckPerms support?
    I can't set prefix for each group.
    Why don't you use Vault API?
    Also when I use /ping command:
    I got this error.
    I use paperspigot.
    And I see that /ping command is just for 1.8_R1 version.
    you could use reflection to support all versions.
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      of course, I'm working on it unfortunately I've done these updates recently and I have not yet had the opportunity to make the necessary fixes
  4. SloGhost
    Version: 3.0
    This plugin is great, just a lack of few things that would be nice to have like a option to disable some things for example kits, because of usage of own kits plugin.... or to disable motd... or even the problem is, op's when silent login is enabled automatically get vanished, which I do not like and stuff like that.... I also hate motd in general... if that were the options to disable..

    I would marry this plugin.
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      you can delete the text of the motd in the motd.txt file or you just do not give motd permission to the users and so they will not see it, for the rest I'm working to ensure that MainMC has the least priority so you can safely override the kit with your plugin
  5. Repsej11
    Version: 2.1.1
    Great alternative to Essentials, more updated than Essentials and generally just feels like it's better. As of right now it does lack some of the commands from Essentials but since it seems like more and more commands are being added all the time this shouldn't really be an issue, so I recommend this plugin ;)
  6. TheLuuCraft
    Version: 2.1.1
    This is an amazing Plugin and much better than essentials. Apart of the sign commands not working(what plugin do I need for it to work?) it's very nice!
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      you're already the second person who says it ... which is strange to me they always worked, if you activated them from the config may be a version bug or a conflict caused by some other plugin, for example the first person he said the problem was skript at the end .. so it's not MainMC's fault but obviously something inside your server, you should try.
  7. Datfer
    Version: 2.1.1
    Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing Ive Only had 1 bug Just Amazing Just Amazing Just Amazing
  8. AppleCraft12345
    Version: 2.1.1
    This is the first plugin that can compare to the original essentials.
    I'm giving you 4 stars since it's still not better, but it's still good alternative
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      thank you very much, help me make it the best!
  9. Royfazz
    Version: 2.1.1
    Nice plugin, a good alternative of assentials, ez to use and configure.
  10. DemonMugen
    Version: 2.1
    EZ to use
    Can you add AFK with message or reason?

    Eg: /afk Sleeping
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      the next update will be this excellent idea!