MainMC plugin - Alternative to Essentials 2.1

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  1. Nothing00
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    MainMC is an alternative to the essentials plugin, it has many more features and weighs only a tenth of it.
    MainMC is not just meant to improve the minecraft server environment with the implementation of new conveniences, but also solves a number of bugs not only present in essentials but in many well-known plugins.

    Java 8+
    some functions are to be bothered by:
    PermissionsEx, PermissionsPlus, MultiEconomy

    obviously it is incompatible with essentials

    Follow my tutorials on YouTube: Vita Da Founder


    Why download MainMC?
    - 100% customizable translatable messages
    - Independent economy system (you can disable it to use vault)
    - Ban-IP system more advanced than the classic
    - more than 10 bugs in essentials fixed
    - Multiple admin commands for user management
    - A complete system of archives for all sanctions
    - Ability to use different commands on other users (which is impossible in essentials)
    - Advanced mail system.
    - Possibility to implement commands and kits aliases in kits
    - Integrated Spawn-TP
    - More customized signs
    - Announcement in integrated chat (you can even deactivate if you do not want to use them)
    - Integrated ItemRestricted functions
    - 6 new protection systems, preemption from grief or exploit
    - kits that can be created from the game
    - you can create custom written books

    If this is not enough, download the plugin to find out more! ;)

    Official tutorial: [ITA]

    if you are YouTuber make a tutorial and send me your link!


    Commands List:

    main command
    /MainMC reload reload plugin
    /MainMC help show list of commands
    /gmc <player> set player gamemode to creative
    /gms <player> set player gamemode to survival
    /gma <player> set player gamemode to adventure
    /gm <gm> <player> set player gamemode
    /vanish <player> set player to invisible
    /give <player> <id> <amount> [enchant:level] [name:customname] give items to a player
    /item <id> <amount> get items
    /enchant <enchant> <level> enchant item in your hand
    /kick <player> <motivation> kick a player form server
    /kickall <motivation> kick all players online
    /xp show <player> show player xp value
    /xp give <player> <level> give xp value to a player
    /xp set <player> <level> set new xp value to a player
    /feed <player> feed hunger bar to a player
    /heal <player> set healthy to a player
    /god <player> set a player invincible
    /hat <player> set a block in your hand as hat to a player
    /fly <player> set fly mod to a player
    /speed <walk/fly> <1-10> <player> set speed fly or walk to a player
    /walkspeed <1-10> <player> set walk speed to a player
    /flyspeed <1-10> <player> set fly speed to a player
    /day set day in all worlds to a player
    /night set night in all worlds
    /sun set weather to sunny
    /storm set weather to stormy
    /thunder set weather to thundering
    /repair hand reapir item in your hand
    /repair all reapir all items in your inventory
    /workbench Open the workbench
    /me send a messagga to all serve
    /clear <player> clar a player inventory
    /tp <player> <toplayer> teleport to a player
    /tphere <player> teleport a player to you
    /tpall <player> teleport all players to player
    /tppos <x> <y> <z> <player> teleport a player to a specific location
    /tptoggle <player> enable/disable teleport request to a player
    /invsee <player> see a player inventory
    /endersee <player> see a player enderchest
    /broadcast send a broadcast messagge
    /kill <player> kill a player
    /suicide kill your self
    /getpos <player> get a player location
    /spawner <mobtype> set mob spawner type
    /mobkill <mobtype/all> kill mobs in the worlds
    /thor <player> thunderstruck a player
    /list see list of all players online
    /afk <player> set a player afk
    /helpstaff <message> send a message to staff
    /msg <player> <message> send private message to a player
    /reply <message> reply to a private message
    /back go to your last location
    /tpa <player> send teleport request to a player
    /tpaccept accept a teleport request
    /tpdeny reject a teleport request
    /tpahere request to a player to teleport to you
    /setspawn set spawn location
    /spawn go to spawn location
    /setwarp <warp> set a warp location
    /warp <warp> go to a warp
    /warps see all avaible warps
    /delwarp delete an existing warp
    /kit <kit> <player> give a kit to a player
    /kits see all avaible kits
    /nick <nickname/off> <player> set a custom display name in chat
    /realname <nickname> see real username form custom nickname
    /ignore <player> <playertoignore> ignore a player when write in chat
    /ignores <player> see list of all players ignored
    /socialspy <player> see all private message
    /mail send <player> <message> send a mail to a player
    /mail read read your mails
    /mail clear dlete your mails
    /spymail show admin commands mail
    /motd see main motd
    /sethome <homename> set an home
    /home <homename> go to an home
    /delhome <homename> delete an home
    /adminhome show admin commands home
    /mute <player> <motivation> mute a player
    /unmute <player> allow to write in chat to a player
    /tempmute <player> <m/h> <motivation> mute a player for a specific time in minutes or hours
    /ban <player> <motivation> ban a player from server
    /unban <player> unban a player from server
    /unbanall unban all banned players
    /tempban <player> <h/d/y> <motivation> ban a player for a specific time in hours, deays or years
    /world <worldname> <player> teleport a player to a world
    /top <player> teleport a player to top block location
    /createjail <name> create a jail in your location
    /jails see all avaible jails
    /deljail <name> delete an existing jail
    /jail <player> <jail> set a player in a specific jail
    /unjail <player> remove a player to jail
    /lookup <player> check if a player is banned or muted
    /banip <player/IP> <motivation> ban an IP or a player IP
    /unbanip <player/IP> unban an ip or a player IP
    /seen <player/IP> see all player IP or all users than have the same IP
    /setlockaccount <keyword> set a keyword to unlock your account on IP change
    /unlockaccount <keyword> if you change IP you can unlock your account
    /history <player> see al bans, kicks and mutes of a player
    /balance <player> see money balance
    /pay <player> <amount> pay money to a player
    /eco give <player> <amount> give money to a player
    /eco take <player> <amount> remove money to a player
    /eco set <player> <amount> set new money balance to a player
    /firstlogin <player> to get when player join the first time in date.
    /kitcreator create <kit> create a kit in game.
    /kitcreator setdelay <kit> <delay> set a kit delay.
    /kitcreator setalias <kit> <kit alias> set a kit as alias in an other kit.
    /kitcreator setcmd <kit> <command> add command to a kit.
    /kitcreator delete <kit> delete an existing kit.
    /book see custom book list
    /book <book> get a custom book
    /book <book> <player> give a custom book to a player


    Permissions description:
    main.reload - Permission to reload plugin configuration.
    main.gamemode - Permission to change gamemode.
    main.gamemode.other - Permission to change gamemode to other players.
    main.give - Permission to give items.
    main.vanish - Permission to become invisible.
    main.vanish.other - Permission to set invisible an other player.
    main.enchant - Permission to enchant item in your hand.
    main.kick - Permission to kick a player.
    main.xp - Permission to use XP commands. - Permission to show a player XP.
    main.xp.set - Permission to set XP player value.
    main.xp.give - Permission to give XP levels to player.
    main.feed - Permission to use feed command.
    main.feed.other - Permission to use feed command on other player.
    main.heal - Permission to use heal command.
    main.heal.other - Permission to use heal command on other player.
    main.god - Permission to toggle on/off god mode.
    main.god.other - Permission to active/disable god mode on other player.
    main.hat - Permission to set block in your hand as hat.
    main.hat.other - Permission to set block in your hand as hat on other player. - Permission to toggle on/off fly mode. - Permission to toggle on/off fly mode on other player.
    main.speed - Permission to use speed command.
    main.time - Permission to change time in all worlds. - Permission to change weather in all worlds. - Permission to use repair command. - Permission to repair item in your hand. - Permission to repair all items in your inventory.
    main.workbench - Permission to open workbench as inventory. - Permission to use /me command.
    main.clear - Permission to clear your inventory.
    main.clear.other - Permission to clear inventory of other players. - Permission to teleport to an other player. - Permission to teleport a player to an other player.
    main.tphere - Permission to teleport an other player to you.
    main.invsee - Permission to see inventory of an other player.
    main.invsee.interact - Permission to interact with inventory of an other player.
    main.enderchest - Permission to open enderchest as inventory.
    main.enderchest.other - Permission to see enderchest of an other player.
    main.enderchest.other.interact - Permission to interact with enderchest of an other player.
    main.broadcast - Permission to use broadcast command.
    main.kickall - Permission to kick all player online.
    main.kill - Permission to kill a player.
    main.tpall - Permission to teleport all player online to you.
    main.tppos - Permission to teleport to a location.
    main.tptoggle - Permission to toggle allow or deny teleporting to you.
    main.getpos - Permission to see your location.
    main.getpos.other - Permission to see location of an other player.
    main.spawner - Permission to change mob spawner type.
    main.thor - Permission to fulminate an other player.
    main.list - Permission to see list of all player online.
    main.list.viewall - Permission to see list of all player online (incluse player vanished).
    main.afk - Permission to use /afk command.
    main.afk.other - Permission to set afk an other player.
    main.afk.bypasskick - Permission to stay online after afk-kick-time. - Permission to go to afk automatically.
    main.helpstaff - Permission to use helpstaff command.
    main.helpstaff.receive - Permission to see message sent to helpstaff.
    main.msg - Permission to send private message.
    main.replay - Permission to reply to a private message.
    main.back - Permission to use back command.
    main.tpa - Permission to use tpa command.
    main.tpahere - Permission to use tpahere command.
    main.tpaccept - Permission to accept a teleport request.
    main.tpdeny - Permission to reject a teleport request.
    main.setspawn - Permission to set spawn.
    main.spawn - Permission to use /spawn command.
    main.warps - Permission to use warp commands.
    main.warp.list - Permission to see warp list.
    main.warp - Permission to use warp command.
    main.setwarp - Permission to set a warp.
    main.delwarp - Permission to delete a warp.
    main.back.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass delay back command.
    main.spawn.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass delay spawn command.
    main.warps.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass delay warp command.
    main.kit - Permission to use kit command.
    main.kits - Permission to see kit list.
    main.kits.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass kit give delay.
    main.kits.other - Permission to give kit to other players.
    main.kit.<name> - Permission to get a specific kit.
    main.nick - Permission to set a custom name.
    main.nick.color - Permission to use nickname color.
    main.nick.format - Permission to use nickname format.
    main.nick.magic - Permission to use &k format in nickname.
    main.nick.other - Permission to set a custom nickname to an other player.
    main.realname - Permission to use realname command.
    main.heal.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass heal delay.
    main.feed.bypassdelay - Permission to bypass feed delay.
    main.ignore.bypassignore - Permission to bypass ignore.
    main.ignore - Permission to use ignore command.
    main.ignore.other - Permission to set a player ignored from an other player.
    main.ignores - Permission to see list of ignored players.
    main.ignores.other - Permission to see list of ignored players of an other player.
    main.socialspy - Permission to use socialspy command.
    main.socialspy.other - Permission to toggle on/off socialspy mod to an other player.
    main.mail - Permission to use mail command.
    main.mail.send - Permission to send an email. - Permission to read an email.
    main.mail.clear - Permission to delete all email.
    main.spymail - Permission to use spymail commands. - Permission to read mails of an other player.
    main.spymail.clear - Permission to delete all emails of an other player.
    main.spymail.clearindex - Permission to delete a specif mail of an other player.
    main.motd - Permission to see server motd.
    main.silentjoin - Permission to bypass join notification.
    main.silentjoin.vanish - Permission to became invisible on join.
    main.silentquit - Permission to bypass quit notification.
    main.untouchable - Permission to bypass all kick, bans, mutes...
    main.home - Permission to use home command.
    main.sethome - Permission to set home. - Permission to set multiple home (number of vip)
    main.sethome.staff - Permission to set multiple home (number of staff)
    main.delhome - Permission to delete home.
    main.delhome.other - Permission to delete home of an other player.
    main.home.other - Permission to see homes of an other player.
    main.adminhome - Permission to use admin-home commands.
    main.adminhome.teleport - Permission to teleport to an home of an other player.
    main.adminhome.set - Permission to set an home of an other player.
    main.mute - Permission to use mute command.
    main.tempmute - Permission to use tempmute command.
    main.unmute - Permission to use unmute command. - Permission to write in chat. - Permission to use colors in chat. - Permission to use format in chat. - Permission to use &k format in chat.
    main.sign - Permission to use sign.
    main.sign.color - Permission to use color in sign.
    main.sign.format - Permission to use format in sign.
    main.sign.magic - Permission to use &k format in sign.
    main.sign.create.disposal - Permission to create a disposal sign.
    main.sign.create.time - Permission to create a time sign. - Permission to create a weather sign.
    main.sign.create.enchant - Permission to create a enchant sign.
    main.sign.create.warp - Permission to create a warp sign.
    main.sign.create.kit - Permission to create a kit sign.
    main.sign.create.heal - Permission to create a heal sign. - Permission to create a repair sign.
    main.sign.create.gamemode - Permission to create a gamemode sign. - Permission to create a free sign. Permission to create a buy sign.
    main.sign.create.balance - Permission to create a balance sign.
    main.sign.create.sell - Permission to create a sell sign.
    main.sign.use.disposal - Permission to use a disposal sign.
    main.sign.use.time - Permission to use a time sign. - Permission to use a weather sign.
    main.sign.use.enchant - Permission to use a enchant sign.
    main.sign.use.warp - Permission to use a warp sign.
    main.sign.use.kit - Permission to use a kit sign.
    main.sign.use.heal - Permission to use a heal sign. - Permission to use a repair sign.
    main.sign.use.gamemode - Permission to use a gamemode sign. - Permission to use a free sign. Permission to use a buy sign.
    main.sign.use.balance - Permission to use a balance sign.
    main.sign.use.sell - Permission to use a sell sign. - Permission to build. - Permission to interact with blocks. - Permission to place blocks. - Permission to break blocks. - Permission to bypass interact blacklist. - Permission to bypass place blacklist. - Permission to bypass break blacklist. - Permission to teleport to a world. - Permission to teleport a player to a world.
    main.jail - Permission to use jail command.
    main.jail.create - Permission to create a jail.
    main.jail.delete - Permissiont to delete a jail.
    main.jails - Permission to see jail list.
    main.unjail - Permission to unjail a player.
    main.lookup - Permission to see lookup about a player.
    main.banip - Permission to use banip command.
    main.unbanip - Permission to use unbanip command.
    main.tempban - Permission to tempban
    main.ban - Permission to ban
    main.unban - Permission to unban
    main.seen - Permission to see IP information.
    main.bypasscommands - Permission to bypass blacklist commands.
    main.balance - Permission to see your balance.
    main.balance.other - Permission to see balance of a player. - Permission to use eco commands. - Permission to give money. - Permission to set new player balance. - Permission to remove money from player balance. - Permission to use pay command.
    main.firstlogin - Permission to use firstlogin command.
    main.vanish.pvp - Keep vanish in pvp
    main.god.pvp - Keep godmode in pvp
    main.kits.creator - Permissions to managing kit in game - Permission to use /book command - Permission to give book to other player.










    [GM type]




    Contact for information or tips: [email protected]

Recent Updates

  1. Added book features
  2. some code fixes
  3. Adding kitCreator!

Recent Reviews

  1. zGiuly
    Version: 2.0
    Ottimo plugin! la 2.0 ha sistemato tutti i bug che c'erano nelle vecchie versioni di MainMC non funzionavano i cartelli ora si!
  2. TommyTran73
    Version: 1.9.4
    I like it a lot! I hope you can keep it updated and add more features <3
    :P :D :P
  3. FranceStab
    Version: 1.9.4
    Bella alternativa a essentials / essentialsX.
    Spero che le funzioni mancanti rispetto ad essentials le implementerai in futuro.
    Bel lavoro!!
  4. MMeLuca
    Version: 1.9.4
    Il plugin come al solito è fantastico, (sono quello per le placeholders quindi tra poco te le mando) ma se io creo un server senza i permessi e io sono deop non posso ne anche scrivere in chat. Serve per forza il pemession ex. (Chi sa usare i plugin bene vabbè ma chi non li sa usare e lo ha trovato è un po' scomodo) e poi manca un comando che è presente in Essentials, il /killall (mobs, all, ecc MA CHE NON UCCIDE I PLAYER solo entità mobs, armour stand e non utenti) Per il resto plugin fantastico nothing!
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      prova /mobkill
      comunque hai ragione per i permissions, io ho ragionato su un server completo effettivamente devo fare in modo che si possa settare una lista di permessi non op anche si richioso, è difficile che i server non utilizzino un qualsiasi plugin per i permissions
  5. huynhqtienvtag
    Version: 1.9.3
    Good plugin... But can you add a /createkit command... The config is confusing to me...
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      As soon as possible, surely, I had already planned
  6. MMeLuca
    Version: 1.9.3
    Si vede che ci metti il cuore a continuare il plugin mettere le placeholder ed è perfetto. Se voglio mandarti le placeholder mi puoi dare il tuo contatto telegram?
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      usa questa mail [email protected] oppure puoi fare un post nella sezione discussioni così tutti vedono la tua richiesta e vediamo se qualcuno esprime il suo parere
  7. MMeLuca
    Version: 1.9.2
    Secondo me sarebbe da 5 stelle ma non capisco come si usi /speed e metti le placeholders per altri plugins. Per il resto fantastico Nothing!
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      fai una lista di placeholder e posso pensarci, per quanto riguarda lo speed è identico ad essentials:
      /speed <fly/walk> <1-10> <player>
      anche se è più comodo usare /flyspeed o /walkspeed direttamente ;)
      Grazie delle 4 stelle comunque ;)
  8. Pierluca
    Version: 1.9
    Ottimo plugin apparte piccoli bug che hai già risolto è bello, l ho uso sul mio server e non da problemi
  9. Elis_Ignis
    Version: 1.8.1
    this is a really good plugin it has a lot of features and i really enjoy it thank so much for making
  10. MikyPro_
    Version: 1.8
    Good but.. Need to be fixed, some messages are wrong / confused, and the toggleable commands (fly, god, ecc..) can easly bugged.

    However.. The resource is good :)
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      You must specify any bugs found otherwise it is impossible to detect and solve them, it may also be that the problem you encountered is a bug of version and not of code, thanks anyway your opinion;)