MaintBlock 1.0

Protect your server while it's under maintenance.

  1. Tudedude
    When you're doing maintenance on your server, you don't want players joining and messing everything up, or seeing features before they are released, do you? With MaintBlock, you can choose who leaves and joins when maintenance mode is activated, just like a far more intuitive, easily enabled and disabled whitelist. MaintBlock features 3 modes with which to select who can leave and join while maintenance mode is on:
    • Permissions - Only players with the maintblock.bypass or maintblock.master permission nodes will be able to join.
    • Whitelist - Only players with their names or IPs on the whitelist will be able to join - this mode is not effected by the maintblock.bypass or maintblock.master permission nodes unless "whitelist-strict" is set to false in the configuration file.
    • Op - Only opped players will be able to join. This mode is never effected by the maintblock.bypass or maintblock.master permission nodes.
    If a joining player does not meet the constraints of the selected blocking mode, they will be kicked before they even see the inside of the server, with a customized message, available for editing in the config.

    • 3 blocking modes: Permissions, whitelist, and op
    • Intuitive command structure, for easy modification of settings.
    • Fully customizeable message, whitelist options, and more.
    • Developer that listens to suggestions
    • UUID support + command to add/remove user's UUIDs
    • Lang file for command structure, enabling language localization.

    /maint toggle:
    arguments: None
    description: Toggles maintenance mode on or off.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint toggle

    /maint mode:
    arguments: mode[permissions, whitelist, op]
    description: Sets the blocking mode of MaintBlock. If no mode is supplied, will return the current mode.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint mode whitelist

    /maint message:
    arguments: message{&[0-9,a-f] - color codes, %player% - player's name, %n% - new line}
    description: Sets the message players are kicked with.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint message &eThis server is currently under maintenance. %n%&4Sorry, %player%!

    /maint whitelist:
    arguments: command{add, remove, list, reset}
    description: Lists or executes operations on the whitelist.
    permissions requred: maintblock.master
    example: /maint whitelist; /maint whitelist add

    /maint whitelist add:
    arguments: add{playername, IP}
    description: Adds specified player or IP to whitelist.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint whitelist add Tudedude; /maint whitelist add

    /maint whitelist remove:
    arguments: remove{playername, IP}
    description: Removes specified player or IP from whitelist.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint whitelist remove Tudedude; /maint whitelist remove

    /maint whitelist list:
    arguments: none
    description: Lists all entries in the whitelist, by pages of 10.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint whitelist list

    /maint whitelist reset:
    arguments: none
    description: Resets the whitelist to empty.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint whitelist reset

    /maint reload:
    arguments: none
    description: Reloads the configuration files.
    permissions required: maintblock.master
    example: /maint reload

    MaintBlock only requires two permissions to be used; maintblock.bypass and maintblock.master. The maintblock.bypass node allows the player who holds it to join when the server is using the permissions mode, or when the server is using the whitelist mode and whitelist-strict is set to false. The maintblock.master node gives the same effects as the maintblock.bypass node, as well as allows the user to edit most of the configuration options from ingame, using the /maint command.
    The generated config file has the following information in it, which can freely be changed.:
    • The block-enabled node determines whether or not your server is set in maintenance mode, and can be changed through the config, or with /maint toggle. Possible allowed values are true or false.
    • The block-mode node determines which mode players will be blocked with, and can be set to any of 3 values: permissions, whitelist, or op.
    • The whitelist-strict node determines if the maintblock.bypass or maintblock.master permissions effect whitelist operations. Possible options are false (the perms do effect it) or true (they don't).
    • The whitelist node is a string list of which players or IPs are allowed to join while maintenance is enabled.
    • The kick-message node must be enclosed in single quotes ('), and is the configurable kick message for when a player does not meet the requirements to join during maintenance mode.

    Released on Spigot, supporting permissions, whitelist, and op modes.
    Support for playername or IP whitelisting is added.

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