Maintenance Manager 2.2

The ultimate maintenance plugin

  1. ImAFlyingPancake

    Maintenance Manager is the ultimate maintenance plugin which makes maintenances times on your server way easier!

    For the moment, it provides several exclusivities I havn't found anywhere else. It is very simple to use and to configure (even if the configuration is optionnal). I want to make it the best maintenance plugin for Bukkit!

    • /maintenance command manages the maintenance time: /maintenance on|off
    • Maintenance schedule. Schedule your maintenance time and advert players with /maintenance on [time before maintenance time] (Optionnal, in minutes)
    • Schedule interruption with /maintenance cancel.
    • Define the duration of your maintenance with /maintenance on [time before maintenance time] <duration> (Optionnal, in minutes)
    • Kicks non-op players and players who don't have the permission to log-in during the maintenance.
    • Prevents non authorized players to log-in during maintenance.
    • Changes the motd on the multi-player screen when the server is in maintenance.
    • Commands can be casted from console or in-game.
    • Custom server icon for maintenance.
    • Server reload support.
    • You can reload the config without restarting the server or reloading it entirely with /maintenance reload.
    • Full permissions supported.
    • Full texts customization.
    • You can choose the number of slots available during a maintenance.
    • Manage your plugins in real-time without having to reload or restart the server with /maintenance [enable|disable] (plugin name). Disabled plugins stay disabled after restart or reload until you re-enable it.
    • Countdown in motd when a maintenance has a duration planned.
    • Aliases on /maintenance command. See the Commands section for further informations.
    • Backups on command.
    • Check the CPU and RAM usage at any time with /cpu and /ram


    is the main command. You'll have to add the following arguments:

    Aliases: /mmode , /maint
    • on : turn on the maintenance mode
      • <schedule in minutes> (optionnal) //Note: The schedule would cancel if you reload the server before the maintenance begin.//
      • <duration of the maintenance in minutes> (optionnal)
    • cancel : cancels a scheduled maintenance.
    • off : turn off the maintenance mode
    • reload : reload the plugin's config file
    • enable <plugin name> : enable the selected plugin.
    • disable <plugin name> : disable the selected plugin.
      • Note: If you are not sure about the plugin name, type /pl.
    • backup : Saves the server folder into a zip file located in the "backups" folder.

    • /cpu : displays the current cpu usage in percentage.
    • /ram : displays the current ram usage in percentage and in Mb


    maintenance.* : Give acces to all MaintenanceManager commands.

    maintenance.maintenance : Allows to start or stop a maintenance.

    maintenance.maintenance.cancel : Allows to cancel a scheduled maintenance.

    maintenance.backup : Allows to use the /maintenance backup command.

    maintenance.access : Allows to enter the server during maintenance mode (and don't be kicked when the maintenance begin)

    maintenance.reload : Allows to reload the config file.

    maintenance.manage.plugins : Allows to disable or enable plugins.

    maintenance.cpu : Allows to use the /cpu command.

    maintenance.ram : Allows to use the /ram command.

    Of course, OP players have these permissions.


    By default, the config file looks like this:

    Code (Text):
    maintenanceModeOnStart: false
    remainingSeconds: 0
    maxPlayersOnMaintenance: 10
    disabledPlugins: []

    #General messages      #
    maintenanceStart: '&2&o&lMaintenance time!'

    maintenanceEnd: '&6&o&lMaintenance finished!'

    maintenanceMessage: '&c&nThe server is currently under maintenance. Come back later.'

    kickMessage: '&c&nThe server is currently under maintenance. Come back later.'

    loginMessage: '&6&o&lThe server is currently in maintenance mode!'

    cpuUsage: '&3CPU usage : &2&l<cpu>%'

    ramUsage: '&3RAM usage : &2&l<ram%>% || <ram> MB'


    #MOTD related          #
    maintenanceMOTD: '&6&o&lMaintenance mode...'

    maintenanceWithDurationMOTD: '&6&o&lMaintenance mode...<n>&2&l<minutes> &r&eminutes remaining!'

    maintenanceWithDurationMOTDLessThanOneMinute: '&6&o&lMaintenance mode...<n>&2Less than one minute remaining!'


    #Schedule related      #
    scheduleMessage: '&5&oMaintenance in &4&l<minutes> &5&ominutes!'

    scheduleMessageSeconds: '&5&oMaintenance in &4&l<seconds> &5&oseconds!'

    scheduleCanceled: '&a&oThe scheduled maintenance have been canceled!'

    scheduleLessThanOneMinute: '&5&oMaintenance in less than one minute!'


    #Plugins management    #
    pluginDisabled: '&6&l<plugin> &a&osuccessfully disabled!'

    pluginEnabled: '&6&l<plugin> &a&osuccessfully enabled!'


    #Backup related        #
    backingUpMessage: '&e&oBacking up. The server will lag briefly.'

    backupSuccess: '&2&o&lBackup success!'


    #"Already" messages    #
    maintenanceAlreadyLaunched: '&cThe server is already in maintenance mode.'

    noMaintenanceLaunched: '&cMaintenance mode is already off.'

    noMaintenanceScheduled: '&cNo maintenance scheduled...'

    maintenanceAlreadyScheduled: '&cA maintenance is already scheduled.'

    alreadyBackingUp: '&cPlease wait the end of this backup before backing up again!'


    #Error messages        #
    inputErrorSchedule: '&cThe time value for schedule must be an integer!'

    inputErrorDuration: '&cThe time value for duration must be an integer!'

    pluginManagementArgumentErrorDisable: '&cPlease name the plugin you want to disable!'

    pluginManagementArgumentErrorEnable: '&cPlease name the plugin you want to enable!'

    Note: You can use the "<n>" tag to break the line.

    To set your custom icon for maintenances, just put an image named maintenance-icon.png in the main folder of your server. The default one auto-creates if the plugins doesn't find any maintenance-icon.png in that folder.
    Note: Your icon must be a 64X64 png image!

    Advice: If you don't want to change the icon, copy-paste server-icon.png and rename it into maintenance-icon.png

    Important: If your server is running without icon, maintenance-icon.png will be displayed even out of a maintenance!

    To add colors to your texts, just put '&' and a character from 0-9 and a-f before the words you want to color. Please refer you to this page to know formatting codes.


    To set up Maintenance Manager, simply download the jar file and put it into "plugins" folder.
    And now enjoy the uniqueness of MaintenanceManager!


    Take a look at the code here.


    Your opinion is important for me! Please write a comment below and let me know what you think, what you would like to see in the plugin or what you would like to change! Please report me any bug you have. :)
    I want to make the best maintenance plugin for Bukkit, and to do that, I need your feedback!
    Thank you for your time.


    If you really enjoy this plugin and you want to reward me for my work, please donate! I would be very grateful!

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Recent Reviews

  1. GoroKun
    Version: 2.2
  2. Nathan77540
    Version: 2.2
    Very good plugin, simple full and functional ... Would just need it works under bungeecord and waterfall and that would be perfect ^^
  3. Fuxe
    Version: 2.2
    It's a awesome idea, but if I didn't make a server copy before...
    Too much files & all my plugins bugged, Factions, Essentials, AuthMe...
  4. OPIA
    Version: 2.1
    Once again the is one of the best plugins I've seen :D
    thanks for adding the countdown timer
    The config is looking fancy hehe

    Small suggestion, would it be possible to Add different time periods instead of minutes?
    Example : '/maint M: 1h (h/m/s) D:25m (h/m/s)'
    something like that would be nice if its not too hard

    oh one other small question, would it be possible to have the display amount set as Null when under maint, meaning it would show up with a small red 'x' with a customizable message next the to ping so like, <Text> (Ping)?
    Surprise me with what you can do in a future update/s...
    <3 :D
    1. ImAFlyingPancake
      Author's Response
      Thank you again :)

      I don't understand exactly what you want for your second suggestion. You'd like to remove the "x minutes remaining" message in the server screen?
      If so, you can simply set this value to ' ' or '' in the config.
  5. OPIA
    Version: 2.0.1
    Fantastic plugin, So far I've had no issues with this :D
    Just a small suggestion for a future update, Could you add some type of in the config where you can set from 5 seconds to broadcast the message about that the server will be restarting (this would be nice)
    Also please fix the config, it is too cluttered and doesn't explain about it, the config in the preview is different to the one in the recent download this needs updating since atm this config is too cluttered and quite hard to understand things. p.s what are all these other files that are in my server folder now? xD
    1. ImAFlyingPancake
      Author's Response
      Thank :)

      The config should be the same, but the comments disapear after the first use of the plugin (Lines beginning with '#'). It's something due to Bukkit, not me. :/
      I'll try to do something if I do another version.

      The new files that are in your server folder are libraries needed for the /cpu and /ram commands. The plugin automatically extracted it.
  6. Alex1
    Version: 2.0
    1. ImAFlyingPancake
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
      Ensure that the plugin generated some libraries in the server folder.
      Their names should start with "libsigar-" , and "sigar-".
      Is your server started from it's folder or from anywhere else? If it's the case, try to add this at the end of the run command : -Djava.library.path="path/to/server"
  7. Alex1
    Version: 2.0
    I can't download it... Please take another link to download it.
    When i could download it, I give you a new review!
    1. ImAFlyingPancake