Maintenance 1.1

SDMC's Maintenance Plugin

  1. Wong1243
    SDMC's Maintenance Plugin

    - /Maintenance Start <Seconds> | Start A Maintenance For The Specified Amount Of Seconds
    - /Maintenance Add <Player> | Add A Player To The Maintenance
    - /Maintenance Remove <Player> | Remove A Player From The Maintenance
    Commands Removed In V1.1!

    Coming Soon

    - Delayed Maintenance Done V1.1
    - Anything You Guys Want!

    - None(V1.1)
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  1. Thesig
    Version: 1.1
    Very Good The Plugin, Remove Errors and No Release Commands This Well , I advise you to allow us Pongas Second Choosing how many [ minutes ] We come into Maintenance
    1. Wong1243
      Author's Response
      Thank You Very Much!