MaintenanceMode - Bungee AND Spigot support! [1.8-1.13] 2.4

Lets you activate a maintenance mode on your BungeeCord as well as Spigot server!

  1. Version 2.4 Changelog

    Another 17th with another *quite* big update!
    • Edit nearly every message to your hearts content with the now introduced language.yml file!
    • Added "/maintenance removemotd <index>" command to remove a motd via an ingame command (if you have multiple ones)
    • You can now include the "%TIMER%" variable into your maintenance motd - *If using the maintenance endtimer*, it will display the time left until maintenance will be disabled!
      • Simply shows "-" if maintenance is...
  2. Version 2.3.1 Changelog

    • When a string in the config is missing, the plugin doesn't cancel the current process and throws an error anymore, but rather gives a soft warning in the console and returns a backup string
    • If MySQL is enabled, the plugin will only make a database request at least x seconds after the last request, whereas you can define the value in the config under mysql.update-interval
      • Example: If a first player pings the server after startup, the value will be updated -> No update...
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  3. Version 2.3 Changelog

    Another 17th, another update!
    • Added the possibility to have multiple pingmessages, of which one will be randomly chosen on each ping when maintenance is enabled (you can also just keep it at one)!
    • Added permissions per subcommand (see below or on the overview page under the "Permissions" section)
    • Reworked / fixed the "/maintenance setmotd" command
    • Added "/maintenance motd" command to list all set maintenance pingmessages
    • "/maintenance whitelist" now also shows the...
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  4. Version 2.2.2 Changelog

    • Changed the loading of the maintenance icon to be more predictable
      • It will load directly on startup and can now be reloaded by using the "/maintenance reload" command as well
    • Changed the reload message to read the proper reload changes
    • Removed an obsolete config comment
    • API fix
  5. Version 2.2.1 Changelog

    • Added "/maintenance setmotd <1/2> " command to edit the maintenance mode motd via a command
    • The Bungee version of the plugin will now automatically create a MySQL table if it is enabled, so you won't have to manually create one anymore
    • Fixed the ServerListPlus motd only changing on using the command, but not on the server startup
    • Fixed an error with canceling the start-/endtimer in the Bungee version
    • Fixed an error with removing players from the whitelist in the Spigot...
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  6. Version 2.2 Changelog

    • Great update for the Spigot version of the plugin as well as performance improvements and bugfixes in both versions!
    • If you have ProtocolLib installed, you can set a custom server icon while maintenance is enabled, also the playercount-message and the playercount-hover-message are now available (as it has already been in the Bungee version)!
    • The Spigot version should be much more compatible with other motd-changing plugins, such as SexyMotd!
    • In the BungeeCord version of...
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  7. Version 2.1 Changelog

    • Massive code cleanup for both the Bungee and Spigot version of the plugin
    • Minor performance improvements
    • Fixed start- and endtimers not being cancelled properly
    • Fixed an error for the "/maintenance update" command in the Spigot version
    • Fixed an error regarding the ServerListPlus integration in the Spigot version
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  8. Version 2.0.3 Changelog

    • Readded ServerListPlus integration for the Bungee version
    Changes in 2.0.1 and 2.0.2
    • As many of you asked me: MaintenanceMode now supports the plugin ServerListPlus
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixed problems with adding and removing players from the maintenance whitelist
    • Fixed update checks
  9. Version 2.0 Changelog

    • Recoded some parts of the plugin for a higher performance
    • Fixed some permission and message bugs
    • You can now put the plugin not only inside your Bungee plugins folder, but also your Spigot/Bukkit one! Both will have the same feautures, but simply on their own platform. However, the Spigot version doesn't have MySQL support (as you would normally use BungeeCord for connecting multiple Spigot/Bukkit servers) and you can't use playercount-message, besides this, it has all its...
  10. Version 1.9 Changelog

    • Added MySQL support! You can now connect multiple proxies with a set value in your database without having to enable maintenance on every single proxy by hand! Create a table with two columns, one named "setting", the other named "value", the config will do the rest!
      • Even timers will enable and disable maintenance mode on every proxy connected to your database!
      • The only downside is, that the whitelisted players will still be saved in the file on each proxy...
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