MaintenanceMode 1.0

Ever want to put your server in maintenance mode without whitelist? Check this out!

  1. Erouax
    *READ* ProtocolLib is the only dependency for MaintenanceMode. You can download this resource here:

    Have you ever wanted to put your server into a maintenance mode? Did you not want to manually change the MOTD every time?
    Check out this plugin below!

    /maintenance: Toggle the maintenance mode. Will kick all online players without the specified permission.

    maintenancemode.allow - Allow a player to join the server when it is under maintenance. Also means they will not be kicked when the maintenance command is performed.
    maintenancemode.command - Allow a player to use the /maintenance command.

    This is the default config:
    Code (Text):
        KickMessageLine1: true
        KickMessageLine2: true
        LoginMessageLine1: true
        LoginMessageLine2: true
        HoverMessageLine1: true
        HoverMessageLine2: true
        ChangeMOTD: true
        KickMessageLine1: "&4Server has started to undergo Maintenance."
        KickMessageLine2: "&cIf you believe that there has been an error, contact the system administrator."
        LoginMessageLine1: "&4Server is currently under Maintenance."
        LoginMessageLine2: "&cIf you believe that there has been an error, contact the system administrator."
        HoverMessageLine1: "&4Server is currently under Maintenance."
        HoverMessageLine2: "&cCome back later."
        ChangedMOTD: "&cMaintenance Mode."

    If you need help to setup the plugin, or have found any bugs in the plugin, private message me on here.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SizableShrimp
    Version: 1.0
    The plugin is great! The only problem is that the permissions in the plugin are different than the permissions that are on this page. It's "maintenance.allow" and "maintenance.command" in the plugin.
  2. YousefPlayzz
    Version: 1.0
    Helped me alot
    cus Prison always want a maintenance