Maker's Spleef Add-On: SPIN TO WIN v1.0

An add-on for Maker's Spleef that releases the other players once you get down to the final two

  1. TheKingElessar
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    • 1.14
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    This plugin's designed to go with Maker's Spleef. Once there are only two players left, a countdown starts until the MOLES ARE RELEASED! All the dead players come back to life to wreck havoc, and are unkillable.

    Drop this bad boy in your plugins folder and you're good to go!

    /spin seconds <seconds>: Sets the announcement delay.

    /spin announce <seconds>: Set how many seconds we should wait before MOLE MODE after it's down to the final two.

    /spin reload: Reloads config.

    spintowin.seconds: Allows to set the time until MOLES.

    spintowin.announce: Allows to set the announcement delay.

    spintowin.reload: Allows to reload the config.

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