Mana Potions for Heroes 1.0

Tired of running out of Mana? This is the solution!

  1. mickverm
    Mana Potions for Heroes
    I made this plugin by request, its a simple plugin that hooks into Heroes. It adds the ability to craft Mana Potions.

    How to Install
    • IMPORTANT! This plugin has no use if Heroes is not installed! If heroes is not installed it will turn itself off!
    • Put the plugin in your plugins folder and you're basically done!
    • Don't worry about the config, it doesn't do much and it's configurable ingame!
    Crafting Mana Potions
    • Currently the potions are a shapeless recipe containing a water bottle and one lapis lazuli.
    • I might add extra potions in the future, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment (maybe greater and lesser mana potions?)
    Using Mana Potions
    • Currently you can just left click to drink the mana potion, drinking will not work (so you can keep sprinting while using the potions)
    • I might make this toggleable so that you can choose, either instant drink or drink it normally.
    • /manapotions or /mps
      • Gives all the possible commands
    • /manapotions version
      • Gives you the version of the plugin the server is running
    • /manapotions give [player] <amount>
      • Give yourself or someone else mana potions
      • The potions do not stack and it won't give more potions than the person can hold! (basically max is 36)
    • /manapotions restore <amount>
      • Sets how much mana the potions should restore
      • You can also edit this in the config!
    • manapotions.drink
      • Default: everyone
    • manapotions.craft
      • Default: everyone
    • manapotions.give
      • Default: OP
    • manapotions.config
      • Default: OP
    • manapotions.*
      • Default: OP
    Bugs, ideas, questions, things you want to see change
    Feel free to leave me a comment or write me a PM