Managers {Maintenance, Whitelist, Bans} 1.43.2

Manager your server

  1. nayongbin108
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Managers help out your server in many ways. First, it is a ban, whitelist, and maintenance plugin. Bans Managment is with bans and tempbans for both player and ip. In order to ban or tempban an ip they must be on the server.
    There are only three permissions and they are:
    Manager.maintenance Maintenance commands
    Manager.whitelist Whitelist commands
    Manager.ban Ban commands
    The commands are:
    MM(Manager Maintenance) Commands
    /mm Show help
    /mm change {Maintenance message} Change maintenance message
    /mm add {user} Add user to maintenance
    /mm remove {user} Remove user from maintenance
    /mm activate Activate Maintenance
    /mm deactivate Deactivate Maintenance
    MW(Manager Whitelist) Commands
    /mw Show help
    /mw change {Whitelist message} Change whitelist message
    /mw add {user} Add user to whitelist
    /mw remove {user} Remove user from whitelist
    /mw activate Activate Whitelist
    /mw deactivate Deactivate Whitelist
    MB(Manager Ban) Commands
    /mb Show help
    /mb ban {user} {message} Ban user
    /mb unban {user} Pardon user
    /mb banip {user} {message} Ban ip
    /mb unbanip {user} Pardon ip
    /mb tempbanp {user} {duration} Ban user for duration
    /mb tempbani {user} {duration} Ban ip for duration
    /mb leftp {user} Get how much longer for players
    /mb lefti {user} Get how much longer for ips
    All messages support color codes.
    If a user is tempban it will display how much longer they have until they are able to join the server.
    Duration format is d: Days h: Hours m: Minutes s: Seconds in one argument.

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