ManagerServer | [1.12.2]. 1.1

This plugin added blocking blocks/command/words/nickname and the like.

  1. Boss9022
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This plugin added blocking words/block/lighting/commands/explosion/move/tab complete command/nickname/tame/spreading/food change/damage from fire. This plugin contains several plugins. Is config.yml severals "white-list" and messages errors, on/off blocking, adding player is config, him allowed use words/block/commands.


    /ManagerServer createworld [Name] [FLAT/NORMAL] - create world.
    /ManagerServer deleteworld [Name] - delete world.
    /ManagerServer saveworld [Name] - save world.
    /ManagerServer pinfo [NickName] - info that player.
    /ManagerServer sinfo - info that server.
    /ManagerServer reload - reload config.
    /ManagerServer setPVP [Name] [true/false] - set PVP is world.
    /ManagerServer AutoSaveWorld [Name] [true/false] - set AutoSave is world.
    /ManagerServer Worlds - list all worlds.
    /ManagerServer disablePlugin - disable all plugins.
    /ManagerServer help 1/2 - help to plugin
    /ManagerServer addCMD [Command] - add blocking command.
    /ManagerServer removeCMD [Command] - remove blocking command.
    /ManagerServer addNick [NickName] - add blocking nickname.
    /ManagerServer removeNick [NickName] - remove blocking nickname.
    /ManagerServer addBlock [Block] - add blocking block.
    /ManagerServer removeBlock [Block] - remove blocking block.
    /ManagerServer addIP [NickName] - add blocking IP.
    /ManagerServer removeIp [NickName] - remove blocking IP.
    /ManagerServer clearWhiteList - clear all players is white list.
    /ManagerServer clearOP - clear all players opped.
    /admins - check online admins.


    ManagerServer.Admin - use all submand /ms.
    ManagerServer.Admins - check online admins (/admins).

    /ManagerServer sinfo:
    /ManagerServer pinfo [NickName]:
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