ManagerX 1.0

This plugin allows server owners to Easily use different plugins, all in this little plugin

  1. Trimzy
    == About ==
    Hello everyone.
    I'm trimzy, this is my 3rd & Def best plugin.

    This plugin uses So many features that you can easily use as well!! This plugin was made because, me being an owner of a server i don't like having to add a bunch of plugins only to do one thing! So this plugin Was made to combind plugins into ONE HUGE PLUGIN!!! This also uses a custom API for some features. (Remember this is only beta so their will be alot more added)

    === Permissions ===
    * managerx.god

    ==== Commands ====

    /fly - Allows the sender to fly.
    /eat (or) /feed - Restores the players food level
    /cc - Clears your servers chat
    /god - allows the player to be un-killable