Mango [Hardcore Factions Plugin w/ Claiming Wands!] 3.2-RELEASE

A light-weight and extremely configurable HCFactions plugin with claiming wands.

  1. Alexandeh
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    Shortninja (Did some commands and helped with Scoreboard API), ItsMonkey (Did some commands)
    This project has been abandoned, if you'd like to take it over hit me up with a PM + previous work.
    1. This plugin has only been tested for 1.7 builds, do not expect it to function properly otherwise
    2. This plugin requires Vault AND an economy plugin to run (e.g Essentials)
    3. Do not rate the plugin bad due to an error on your side, simply PM me or post in the discussion thread for support.
    4. Want custom features? Contact me via PM -it won't be free!
    This plugin was created several months ago and sold numerous times for a premium price. That being said, there was no limit on how many copies were sold and inevitably the plugin was leaked. Not only were copies leaked, but they were resold and many people were scammed by others believing that they would receive this plugin. The best way to deal with the leakers, and the scammers, is by making this plugin entirely free.

    This plugin has become an insanely large project (for me at least). So big that over the course of a couple months, I've grown lazy and tons of
    redundancies can be found lying around everywhere.

    That being said, hopefully now that it's public and free I will be able to fix bugs quicker and overall turn this plugin into something that everyone will at least hear about.

    To-do list:
    • Add player kills to /f show
    • Add tab-list colors


    Code (Text):
    NO_PERMISSION: "&cYou do not have permission to execute this command!"
    FACTION_JOINED_FACTION: "&a{player}&e has joined the faction!"
    FACTION_NO_INTERACT: "&cYou cannot interact with anything on {faction}'s claim!"
    FACTION_JOINED_PLAYER: "&eYou have successfully joined &a{faction}&e!"
    FACTION_JOINED_PLAYER: "&eYou have successfully joined &a{faction}&e!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_NOT_INVITED: "&cYou were not invited to that faction!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_NOT_INVITED_2: "&cThat player has not been invited to your faction!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_INVITED_PLAYER: "&a{inviter}&e has invited you to join &a{faction}&e."
    FACTION_PLAYER_INVITED_FACTION: "&a{invited}&e has been invited to join the faction by &a{inviter}&e."
    FACTION_PLAYER_ALREADY_JOINED: "&c{player} is already in your faction!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_ALREADY_INVITED: "&c{player} has already been invited to join your faction!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND: "&c{player} was not found!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_KICKED: "&c{player} &ehas been kicked from the faction!"
    FACTION_TARGET_NOT_IN_FACTION: "&c{player} &eis not a part of your faction!"
    FACTION_KICKED_FROM_FACTION: "&cYou were kicked from your faction!"
    FACTION_MUST_BE_LEADER: "&cYou must be the leader of the faction to do this!"
    FACTION_MUST_BE_OFFICER: "&cYou must be either an officer or leader of the faction to do this!"
    FACTION_MUST_BE_LEADER_OR_OFFICER: "&cOnly officers and above can use this command!"
    FACTION_CANNOT_KICK_OTHER_OFFICERS: "&cOnly leaders can kick other officers!"
    FACTION_CANNOT_KICK_LEADER: "&cYou cannot kick the leader!"
    FACTION_ALLY_SELF: "&cYou cannot ally your own faction!"
    FACTION_ENEMY_SELF: "&cYou cannot enemy your own faction!"
    FACTION_ALREADY_IN: "&cYou're already in a faction!"
    FACTION_NOT_IN: "&cYou're not in a faction!"
    FACTION_ONLY_DEMOTE_OFFICER: "&cYou can only demote officers!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_UNINVITED: "&7{player}&e has uninvited &c{invitedplayer}&e from the faction!"
    FACTION_ALREADY_OFFICER: "&cThat player is already an officer!"
    FACTION_ALREADY_RELATION: "&cYour faction already has that relation with {faction}!"
    FACTION_ALREADY_SENT_REQUEST: "&cYour faction has already sent a request to {faction}!"
    FACTION_ALLIED: "&eYour faction is now allied to &d{faction}&e."
    FACTION_ENEMY: "&eYour faction is now an enemy to &c{faction}&e!"
    FACTION_ALLY_SEND: "&eYour faction has requested to ally &d{faction}&e."
    FACTION_ALLY_RECEIVE: "&d{faction}&e has requested to become your ally!"
    FACTION_NOT_FOUND: "&cNo faction or member named {name} found."
    FACTION_NOT_FOUND_NAME: "&cNo faction named {name} found."
    FACTION_NOT_IN_PLAYERFACTION: "&cYou are not in a player faction!"
    FACTION_IS_SYSTEM: "&cThat faction is a system faction!"
    FACTION_NOT_SYSTEM: "&cPlease specify a valid system faction!"
    FACTION_FROZEN: "&cYou have frozen {faction} for {time}!"
    FACTION_OFFICER_DEMOTED: "&7{player}&e has demoted &c{officer}&e!"
    FACTION_MUST_GIVE_LEADER_ROLE: "&cYou must give the leader role to someone else before disbanding your faction!"
    FACTION_GIVE_LEADER: "&7{player} &ehas given &c{leader}&e leadership of your faction."
    FACTION_GIVE_OFFICER: "&7{player} &ehas promoted &c{officer}&e to officer!"
    FACTION_RENAME_TAG: "&7{player} &ehas renamed &c{oldname}&e to &c{newname}!"
    FACTION_ALREADY_LEADER: "&cYou are already leader!"
    FACTION_PLAYER_LEFT: "&c{player} &ehas left the faction."
    FACTION_LEFT_FACTION: "&eYou have left your faction."
    FACTION_CLAIM_OTHER: "&eYou are now claiming land for &a{faction}&e!"
    FACTION_ALREADY_TAG: "&cThat is already your faction tag!"
    FACTION_STUCK_ALREADY_WAITING: "&cYou're already trying to /f stuck!"
    FACTION_SET_COLOR: "&eYou have set &7{faction}&e's color to {color}&e!"
        - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------" #home-coords will just become "None" if they do not have a home set
        - "&6{faction} &3- &eHome: &f{home-coords}"
        - "&eType: {deathban}"
        - "&7This is a system faction, it cannot go raidable and cannot contain members."
        - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------" #home-coords will just become "None" if they do not have a home set
        - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------" #home-coords will just become "None" if they do not have a home set
        - "&6{faction} &7[{online}/{total}] &3- &eHome: &f{home-coords}"
        - "&eLeader: {leader}" #You do not need to specify a color, you can change the online colors and offline colors in the config.yml, this is applicable to the members and officers too
        - "&eOfficers: {officers}"
        - "&eMembers: {members}"
        - "&eBalance: &9${balance}"
        - "&eAllies: &d{allies}"
        - "&eDeaths until Raidable: {dtr}" #You can set the default colors in the config.yml, default is red = raidable, green = not raidable
        - "&eTime Until Regen: &9{time}" #This will only be displayed if the faction is frozen.
        - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
    FACTION_CREATED: "&e{player}&c has created a new faction named &e{faction}&c."
    SYSTEM_CREATED: "&e{player}&c has created a new system faction named &e{faction}&c."
    FACTION_DISBANDED: "&e{player}&c has disbanded the faction named &e{faction}&c."
    FACTION_TAG_EXISTS: "&cA faction with that tag already exists."
    FACTION_TAG_EXCEED_LENGTH: "&eThe faction tag can't be longer than &d{length} characters."
    FACTION_TAG_MUST_EXCEED_LENGTH: "&eThe faction tag must be longer than &d{length} characters."
    FACTION_TAG_INVALID: "&eThe faction tag must be alphanumeric."
    FACTION_INVALID_ARGS: "&cStrange argument '&3{cmd}&c'. Type &b/f help&c for a list of commands." # ' will be converted to "
    FACTION_INVALID_ECONOMY_AMOUNT: "&cYou must specify a valid amound!"
    FACTION_NOT_ENOUGH_ECONOMY: "&cYou don't have that much money!"
    SYSTEM_SET_DEATHBAN: "&7{faction}&e is now {deathban}&e!"
    FACTION_NOT_ENOUGH_BALANCE_ECONOMY: "&cYour faction does not have that much money!"
    FACTION_BROKE_ECONOMY: "&cYour faction has no money!"
    FACTION_MONEY_DEPOSITED: "&7{player} &ehas deposited &a${amount}&e into the faction balance!"
    FACTION_MONEY_WITHDRAWN: "&7{player} &ehas withdrawn &a${amount}&e from the faction balance!"
    FACTION_SET_HOME: "&7{player}&e has set the faction home to &7X: {x}&6, &7Y: {y}&6, &7Z: {z}&e!"
    FACTION_NOT_FROZEN: "&cThat faction is not frozen!"
    FACTION_THAWED: "&eYour faction has been thawed by &a{player}&e!"
    FACTION_THAWED_PLAYER: "&eYou have thawed &7{faction}&e!"
    FACTION_HOME_NOT_SET: "&cYour faction does not have a home!"
    FACTION_TELEPORT_CANCELLED: "&cTeleport cancelled!"
    FACTION_INVALID_COLOR: "Please specify a valid color!"
    FACTION_INVALID_DTR: "Pleace spiecify valid DTR amount!"
    FACTION_DTR_SET: "&eYour faction's DTR has been set to &7{DTR}&e by &a{player}&e!"
    FACTION_UNClAIM_ALL: "&7{player}&e has unclaimed all your faction land!"
    FACTION_NO_CLAIMS: "&cYour faction does not have any claims!"
    FACTION_DTR_SET_PLAYER: "&eYou have set &7{faction}&e's DTR to &7{DTR}&e!"
      DISBAND: "&cToo many arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f disband"
      CHAT: "&cToo many arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f c <faction/ally/public>"
      JOIN: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f join &3<faction/player>"
      INVITE: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f invite &3<player>"
      CREATE: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f create &3<faction tag>"
      ALLY: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f ally &3<faction>"
      ENEMY: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f enemy &3<faction>"
      KICK: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f kick &3<player>"
      DEPOSIT: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f deposit &3<amount>"
      WITHDRAW: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f withdraw &3<amount>"
      LEADER: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f leader &3<player>"
      OFFICER: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f officer &3<player>"
      MESSAGE: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f msg &3<message>"
      DEMOTE: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f demote &3<player>"
      RENAME: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f rename &3<new_name>"
      UNINVITE: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f uninvite &3<player>"
      CREATE_SYSTEM: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f createsystem &3<system tag>"
      DISBAND_FACTION: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f disband &3<faction>"
      RENAME_FACTION: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f renamesystem <faction> &3<faction tag>"
      CLAIM_FACTION: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f claimfaction &3<faction>"
      COLOR: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f color &3<system> <color>"
      DEATHBAN: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f deathban &3<system> <true/false>"
      FACTION_SET_HOME: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f setfactionhome &3<faction>"
      THAW: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f thaw &3<faction>"
      FREEZE: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f freeze &3<faction> <time>"
      SETDTR: "&cToo few arguments. &eUse like this: &b/f setdtr &3<faction> <amount>"
      ALLY: "&d{player} &5» &d{message}"
      FACTION: "&a{player} &2» &a{message}"
    FACTION_TOO_MANY_ALLIES: "&cYour faction has met the ally limit!"
      STUCK: "&cYou will be teleported to safety in 60 seconds.."
      HOME: "&cYou will be teleported to your faction home in 10 seconds."
      PUBLIC: "&eYou are now talking in public chat."
      ALLY: "&eYou are now talking in &dally&e chat."
      FACTION: "&eYou are now talking in &afaction&e chat."
    FACTION_LIST_EMPTY: "&cThere are no factions to display on this page!"
    FACTION_LIST_INFO: "&f{position}. &6{name} &8- &eOnline: [{online}/{total}] &8- &eDTR: &7[{dtr}/{maxdtr}]"
    FACTION_LIST_HEADER: "&8&m------------&r &6Faction List &8&m------------"
    FACTION_LIST_FOOTER: "&8&m------------&r &6Page {page} &8&m----------------"
    FACTION_NOT_INSIDE_CLAIM: "&cYou must be inside a faction claim!"
    FACTION_LAND_UNCLAIMED: "&7{player}&e has unclaimed land from your faction!"
    FACTION_MAP_DISPLAYED: "&ePillars are now being displayed."
    FACTION_MAP_NO_DISPLAY: "&ePillars are no longer being displayed."
    FACTION_MAP_DISPLAYED_FACTION: "&7{faction}&e being displayed with &6{block}&e."
    FACTION_MAP_NO_NEARBY: "&cThere are no nearby faction claims to display."
    FACTION_CANNOT_DEMOTE: "&cYou cannot demote yourself!"
    FACTION_FRIENDLY_DAMAGE: "&eYou cannot hurt &a{player}&e!"
    FACTION_ALLY_DAMAGE: "&eYou cannot hurt &d{player}&e!"
    FACTION_TOO_MANY_PLAYERS: "&cThat faction has too many players!"
    FACTION_LEAVE_FROZEN: "&cYou cannot leave a frozen faction!"
    FACTION_KICK_FROZEN: "&cYou cannot kick players when your faction is frozen!"
      PLAYER: "&cSuccessfully saved {amount} player factions."
      SYSTEM: "&cSuccessfully saved {amount} system factions."
        ALLY: "&eNow Entering &a{faction}&e (&cDeathban&e)"
        FRIENDLY: "&eNow Entering &a{faction}&e (&cDeathban&e)"
        ENEMY: "&eNow Entering &c{faction}&e (&cDeathban&e)"
        SYSTEM: "&eNow Entering %S{faction}&e (&c{deathban}&e)" #%S represents system color. You can set the color of each system faction in game.
        ALLY: "&eNow Leaving &a{faction}&e (&cDeathban&e)"
        FRIENDLY: "&eNow Leaving &a{faction}&e (&cDeathban&e)"
        ENEMY: "&eNow Leaving &c{faction}&e (&cDeathban&e)"
        SYSTEM: "&eNow Leaving %S{faction}&e (&c{deathban}&e)" #%S represents system color. You can set the color of each system faction in game.
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&6Faction Help &e(Page 4/4)"
          - "&a/f withdraw > &7Withdraws money from the faction balance."
          - "&6You are currently on &fPage 4/4."
          - "&6To view other pages, use &e/f help <page#>."
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&6Faction Help &e(Page 3/4)"
          - "&a/f rename > &7Change the name of your faction."
          - "&a/f promote > &7Promotes a player to a captain."
          - "&a/f sethome > &7Sets the faction home location."
          - "&a/f show > &7Get details about a faction."
          -  "&a/f unclaim > &7Unclaims land from your faction."
          - "&a/f uninvite > &7Revoke an invitation to a player."
          - "&6You are currently on &fPage 3/4."
          - "&6To view other pages, use &e/f help <page#>."
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&6Faction Help &e(Page 2/4)"
          - "&a/f disband > &7Disband your faction."
          - "&a/f home > &7Teleport to the faction home."
          - "&a/f invite > &7Invite a player to the faction."
          - "&a/f kick > &7Kick a player from the faction."
          - "&a/f leader > &7Sets the new leader for your faction."
          - "&a/f leave > &7Leave your current faction."
          - "&a/f list > &7See a list of all factions."
          - "&a/f map > &7View all claims around your location."
          - "&a/f msg > &7Sends a message to your faction."
          - "&6You are currently on &fPage 2/4."
          - "&6To view other pages, use &e/f help <page#>."
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
          - "&6Faction Help &e(Page 1/4)"
          - "&a/f accept > &7Accept a join request from an existing faction."
          - "&a/f chat > &7Toggle faction chat only mode on or off."
          - "&a/f claim > &7Claim land in the Wilderness."
          - "&a/f create > &7Create a faction."
          - "&a/f demote > &7Demotes a player to a member."
          - "&a/f deposit > &7Deposits money to the faction balance."
          - "&6You are currently on &fPage 1/4."
          - "&6To view other pages, use &e/f help <page#>"
          - "&8&m-----------------------------------------------------"
      CLEAR: "&cRight-click the wand again to clear your selection!"
      CLEARED: "&aYou have successfully cleared your wand selection!"
      INVALID_SELECTION: "&cYou do not have a valid selection!"
      FIRST_POINT: "&eYou have set the &afirst&e point to &7(X:&e {x} &7Z:&e {z}&7)"
      SECOND_POINT: "&eYou have set the &asecond&e point to &7(X:&e {x} &7Z:&e {z}&7)"
      OVERCLAIM: "&cYou cannot claim over claimed faction land!"
      TOO_CLOSE: "&cYour claim is too close to another faction claim!"
      TOO_FAR: "&cYou must claim closer to previous claims!"
      OTHER: "&cYou cannot claim here!"
      TOO_SMALL: "&cYour claim is too small!"
      COST_TOO_MUCH: "&eThis claim will cost &c${amount}&e!"
      COST_ENOUGH: "&eThis claim will cost &a${amount}&e!"
      INVALID_FUNDS: "&cYour faction does not have enough money to purchase this claim!"
      BROADCAST: "&7{player} &ehas claimed land for your faction!"
      DEATH: "&c{player}&e has died! DTR&7:{dtr}/{maxdtr}"
      JOIN: "&eFaction member &a{player}&e has logged on!"
      QUIT: "&eFaction member &a{player}&e has logged quit!"

    Code (Text):
    SCOREBOARD_TITLE: "&6Dick Food &7(Map 1)"
    FACTION_STUCK: "&cStuck Teleport &8»&7"
    FACTION_HOME: "&cStuck Teleport &8»&7"
    ROOT_NODE: "mango" #nodes will be like mango.setdtr, or whatever you said root_node to be
    DTR_SPEED: 60 #This is how long it will take (in seconds) for a faction to regen 0.1 dtr
    MAX_DTR: 5.5
    ONLINE_COLOR: "&a"
    REGEN_COLOR: "&a"
    REGEN_SYMBOL: "&a"
    FROZEN_COLOR: "&e"
    FREEZE_DURATION: 3600 #in seconds, default is one hour.
      HOME: 10
      STUCK: 60
      ENABLED: true
      NO_FACTION: "&e[&c-&e] &r"
      FRIENDLY_FACTION: "&e[&a{faction}&e]&r "
      ALLY_FACTION: "&e[&d{faction}&e] &r"
      ENEMY_FACTION: "&e[&c{faction}&e] &r"
      NAME: "&7Wilderness"
    CLAIM_PRICE_MULTIPLER: 7 #The price of a claim would be the distance from one bottom corner, to the opposite top corner multiplied by this number. The default value would make a 5 x 5 claim cost $40 (around there)
    CLAIM_BUFFER: 10 #blocks
    CLAIM_MINIMUM: 5 #minimum claim would be 5x5 blocks
    CLAIM_WORLDS: #players w/o admin perms can only claim in the worlds listed below
      - "world"
      ITEM: "GOLD_HOE"
      NAME: "&aClaiming Wand"
        - "&7This is the claiming wand."
        - "&aLeft-click the ground&7 to set the first position."
        - "&aRight-click the ground&7 to set the second position."
        - "&aShift and left-click&7 to claim land after setting points."
        - "&aRight-click the air twice&7 to clear your selection."
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    [20:09:57 ERROR]: null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'f' in plugin Mango v3.2-RELEASE
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute( ~[spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
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    at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R1.PacketPlayInChat.a( [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R1.PacketPlayInChat.a( [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source) [?:1.8.0_161]
    at Source) [?:1.8.0_161]
    at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R1.MinecraftServer.z( [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R1.DedicatedServer.z( [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R1.MinecraftServer.y( [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
    at Source) [?:1.8.0_161]
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/util/org/apache/commons/lang3/StringUtils
    at ~[?:?]
    at ~[?:?]
    at ~[?:?]
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute( ~[spigot.jar:git-Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3]
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