Mango's Enderchest Graves 1.1

Grave, Survival

  1. _Mangorage
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:


    Player Graves: When players die, a Grave will be in their death spot!

    Death Notes: Allows players to see where their grave is at!

    Death Scrolls: Upgraded Version of Death Notes, allows players to access their grave Remotely!

    Graves Menu: Allows players to see all the Graves there is! Has Searching and Sorting Features.

    /graves Menu


    Graves.use (Admin Perm) (Allows you or Players to get a Death note for a grave) (Allows you or Players to open the Grave from the Menu)


    NBT API (
    Vault (
    SmartInvs (

    Test Server:
    Server IP: (1.16.5)

    Donations can be sent to:

    Donations can help me keep making plugins and work on them.
    You don't need to donate if you don't want to.
    All Donations are Appreciated! :)

    Future Updates:
    - Finish Sorting Feature!
    - Add some Customizing Options (Move a few things to configs)
    - Add Empty Death Scroll (Basically lets Players to middle click their Grave in Menu to get a Death Scroll for it)
    - Make some Improvement to Performance.

    Discord: MangoRage#2154
    Discord Server:

    More Info will be Coming Soon! Feel free to message me!

    Right now it's in Beta and was Originally a Plugin for my Own Server, so there will be unintended Features and limited if no Customization at all!

    There may be some features that are still getting implemented, Currently, the Menu Sorting System isn't finished!

Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.1