Manhunt+ [1.16x - 1.17x] 1.3.1

The exalted dream manhunt plugin

  1. UmbralPhoenix
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17

    ManHunt+ Banner.png
    The plugin Manhunt+ is a recreation of dream's manhunt. In minecraft manhunt, the speedrunner(s) tries to beat minecraft before the hunter(s) tries to kill them. There are multiple features in this plugin, including giving headstarts and having a distance counter while tracking on compass. The rest of the features are listed below.


    - Headstart and no headstart support
    - Supports multiple runners
    - Distance counter while tracking *
    - Heal, and feed on start *
    - Clear inventories, and reset achievements on start *
    - Teamchat to talk to other hunters
    - Discord integration including commands and minecraft to discord chat *
    - Win/Loss message signaling when a hunt has ended

    The * means that the specific setting can be toggled in the config.
    Later updates could contain any ideas on my discord. Feel free to join to give me any if you want them added!

    commands cloud.png

    Code (Text):
    /huntplus: Start a manhunt while giving a headstart, or use for general info on the plugin.

    /hunter: Add hunters and remove them along with other uses

    /runner: Add speedrunners and remove them along with other uses
    Every command has more subcommands, and you can find out their uses in game. In regards to starting a manhunt, please take note: You have to right click the compass for it to start tracking the runner, and have to keep right clicking to update it. The hunter must left click to cycle between runners to track. Keep in mind that 1.16.1 doesn't support nether tracking.

    In order to find out uses of commands in game, use the help command. Every single command has a help command, (Ex. /huntplus help) and can list you all the subcommands that you need to know.

    permissions cloud.png

    Below is a list of permissions. These permissions are needed to use commands. A permission plugin does help give these to players.
    • manhuntplus.* - This permission gives access to every permission in the plugin
    • manhuntplus.hunter - This permission is needed to be able to use the /hunter command.
    • manhuntplus.speedrunner - This permission is needed to be able to use the /runner command.
    • manhuntplus.huntplus - This permission is needed to be able to use the /huntplus command.
    You can use permission plugins to manage these ones. If more commands come in the future, then the permissions will also be updated.

    installation cloud.png

    1) Download the .jar file

    2) Go to your servers plugin's folder and put the plugin in there

    3) Restart or start your server

    Your server needs to be running Java 8 or above for the plugin to function. (Java 16 is supported!)


    The configuration down below is the config for the newest version
    Code (YAML):
    # |  \/  |           | |               | |      _
    # | \  / | __ _ _ __ | |__  _   _ _ __ | |_   _| |_
    # | |\/| |/ _` | '_ \| '_ \| | | | '_ \| __| |_   _|
    # | |  | | (_| | | | | | | | |_| | | | | |_    |_|
    # |_|  |_|\__,_|_| |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__|
    # AUTHOR: Umbral Phoenix
    # Link:
    # © Copyright Phoenix 2020 - 2021
    # %player%: Player's name
    # %message%: Chat message by player
    # %default%: Default team-chat message
    # You can find a list of color codes at the link below
    #  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    #  +     Starting Settings     +
    #  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    # If true, it will heal all players on start of a hunt
    : true

    # If true, it will feed all players on start of a hunt
    : true

    # If true, it will make the time day on start of a hunt
    : true

    # If true, it will clear all participant's inventories on start of a hunt
    : true

    #  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    #  +     Manhunt Settings     +
    #  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    # If set to true, compass will have a counter of blocks displayed
    # between you and your target
    : true

    # If set to true, all players will reset achievements on start
    : false

    # Change these settings to see how team-chat looks in game. Placeholders listed above
    # Set to "%default%" to get the default team-chat message
    : "&c&l[Hunter Chat] &c%player% »&6&l%message%"

    # Set to "%default%" to get the default team-chat message
    : "&a&l[Runner Chat] &a%player% »&b&l%message%"

    # If true, runner will get a compass pointing to the closest nether fortress
    : false

    # Plays when a manhunt begins with a head-start. Set to a valid minecraft sound

    # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    # +     Discord Settings     +
    # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    # If true, discord integration will be enabled
    : false

    # Paste your bots token here for it to work
    : "0000000000"

    # Set this to your bots status (Ex: "Watching <bot-activity-message>")
    : "A manhunt"

    # Set to true for people in minecraft to talk to people in discord
    : false

    # If disc-mc-chat is true, put ID of selected text channel for people to talk in
    # Leave this untouched if the above is false
    : "0000000000"

    Here is where you can configure the options for the plugin. Remember to reload the plugin after making changes to it! (Reload the plugin with /huntplus reload)
    Here is a step by step way to create a discord bot and also get its token.
    1. Create a new application at
    2. On the application's page, go to the "Bot" tab, click "Add Bot", and confirm
    3. Make sure to click on copy token as we will use that later
    4. Once you have customized your bot in whichever ways you want, make sure to invite the bot to a server. (Select the "bot" checkbox under scopes and then paste the URL to invite your bot)
    5. Go into the config of the plugin, and paste the token into the bot token area
    6. Set an activity message (Optional)
    7. Start the server and your bot will start running
    Note that you have to have the JDA dependency for the discord bot to work. You can download JDA here
    Here is more info on the discord bot commands:

    Right now, there are two commands you can do with the bot:
    - !online
    - !huntstatus

    The online command will list all players online in the server, while the hunt status will tell you info on any manhunt. It will tell you if there are any manhunts going on, and if there are, it will say who is participating along with roles (Who is runner and hunter).
    If you want a minecraft to discord chat, then make sure to follow these steps:
    1. Enable discord developer mode (Go to user settings, then appearance, scroll down and enable developer mode)
    2. Right click the channel you want there to be minecraft to discord chat, and click copy ID
    3. Paste that ID in the discord mc channel part of the config. (Make sure to have discord mc chat on or this will do nothing!)
    4. Start your server, and when ever people talk in minecraft it will be sent to that channel and vice versa
    By downloading this plugin you agree that:
    • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin
    • You are not allowed to edit this plugin and then republish it
    • You are allowed to publish add-ons to this plugin


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    If you need any help, feel free to join my discord. We will answer as fast as possible, as we are there to help. You can also chat with others, and play manhunts with them!

    Please report bugs in the discord and not in the reviews. I hope you enjoy the plugin. If you really love it, consider donating. Anything is appreciated, and helps a lot.

    Thank You

Recent Reviews

  1. tobyman
    Version: 1.3.1
    I Like this plugin and the way it Works But how does the Compass Work as i Put my friend on the Hunter team and i put myself on the Runner Team and did /huntplus Start 10 after that he told me the compass didnt work and pointed to spawn why is this?
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Please don't ask questions here. It says in bold in the commands tab that you have to right click the compass. You could have also asked in our discord support server, and you would have gotten your question answered. Do you mind editing this because of this confusion? Thank you!
  2. ThamirAhamed
    Version: 1.3.0
    nice work on the plugin. really appreciate the small things like the headstart that other plugins dont usually offer. overall, well made.
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! It's great to hear that the simplicity of the plugin makes it better.
  3. krzysiuplYT
    Version: 1.3.0
    The creator is very handsome and active! He helped me fix my problem with my plugin in very quick time, which I would not expect from any other creator. Keep it up man and I love that plugin!

    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! It was nice talking to you and I'm glad your problem got fixed.
  4. RunaYoutube
    Version: 1.1.3
    This is an amazing plugin... I have had no issues at all with me using it. I would recommend this to anyone needing a Manhunt plugin.
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I hope you enjoyed the plugin! Just wanted to let you know, next update is going to be a lot better with a config! :)
  5. MikPinky
    Version: 1.1.3
    Excellent job on this plugin! Also I appreciate the updates and the new amazing features! Now the nether tracking is perfect and also players are now healed/fed at the start of the manhunt, as well as 'time set day' and clear inventories!
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your 2nd review! I am going to add more features in the next update!
  6. Friendghi
    Version: 1.1.3
    I don't know where to start... 1 my friend recommended sto plugin to me, as well as he made a request to create it.. Then It Works From God, You Decide Everything And And Very Simple, Excellent Compliments! And The Dream Version Free I mean Big Lo Gia Sponsored !
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! If you ever want to add any new features or come upon a bug, feel free to join my discord!
  7. alex.p2244
    Version: 1.1.2
    The all in one plugin to get the Dream's Manhunt for FREE! Make sure you get familiar with the commands and then start the fun. It was an awesome experience with this plugin. Also the technical support is instant. You have been "warned" :) 5 well deserved stars from me.
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I plan on adding a tutorial so all new people will know what the commands are. Thank you so much for the 5 stars <3
  8. MikPinky
    Version: 1.1.2
    This plugin is by far THE BEST to play Minecraft Manhunt. Easy to use, well built, it can predict the distance of the hunter, and it works in the nether too! Also, the developer is really kind and helps you if u have issues ;)
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I really appreciate it. I'm planning on adding new features to the plugin, and suggestions in the discord were really helpful from you!
  9. Freder211
    Version: 1.1.2
    The plugin works great. Really nice support on discord. Enjoyed talking to the moderators.
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I enjoyed helping you out in the discord. I'm glad that you enjoy the plugin!
  10. EtherealHydra
    Version: 1.1.1
    It was really easy to use and fast to set up. It has help commands that make sense and help set it up. It tracks the nether portal and in the nether. Was really great overall!
    1. UmbralPhoenix
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! If you ever have any ideas or features for the plugin, join the discord and tell me :)