Manhunt+ [1.16x - 1.17x] 1.3.1

The exalted dream manhunt plugin

  1. 1.2.0: Discord Integration

    Hey guys, this is the update 1.2.0 and has new features.

    Discord integration is now part of this update. Also a few new config settings came out. Here is the list:

    - Discord integration: Toggles if integration is on or off
    - Bot token: This is where you paste your discord bot token, more details in description.
    - Bot activity: Set your discord bot activity
    - Discord mc chat: Toggles chat from minecraft to discord
    - Discord mc channel: Paste ID for channel to talk in, more details in description
    - Teamchat message: Customizable teamchat formatting

    Two new discord bot commands came out and should be checked out. More info will be in description.

    Note that you have to have the JDA dependency for the discord bot to work. You can download JDA here. Don't worry about the JDA dependency if you aren't planning on using the discord integration.

    Overall, this is what this update is about. I hope you guys enjoy!
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