Manhunt+ [1.16x - 1.17x] 1.2.2

The exalted dream manhunt plugin

  1. 1.17 Support

    1.17 is finally here! This is a great version of minecraft with all its new features. Anyways, here are the release notes for this update.

    New Content:
    - 1.17 support (The plugin works on the newest version of minecraft)
    - Fortress tracker (In configuration and toggleable), can give a handicap to a speedrunner by letting them track the nether fortress
    - Recoded parts of the plugin to make it better

    Other Changes:
    - Changed...
  2. Titles and Bug fixes

    Here are the release notes of this update. It's been a while since the last update, so the next ones will have a lot more content.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed bug of not needing permission to use /runner
    - Clearing hunter's compass fixed
    - Discord bot not working right was fixed

    New Content:
    - Revamped teamchat and discord chat
    - Made messages nicer and clearer
    - Added an Enderdragon killed title

    The content and bug fixes that are listed...
  3. Discord Integration

    Hey guys, this is the update 1.2.0 and has new features.

    Discord integration is now part of this update. Also a few new config settings came out. Here is the list:

    - Discord integration: Toggles if integration is on or off
    - Bot token: This is where you paste your discord bot token, more details in description.
    - Bot activity: Set your discord bot activity
    - Discord mc chat: Toggles chat from minecraft to discord
    - Discord mc channel: Paste ID for channel to talk in, more details in...
  4. Configuration added

    Hey, this is the new update 1.1.4 and it has a config. List of all configurable options will be down below.


    - Toggle on/off heal and feed on start
    - Toggle on/off clear inventory and achievement reset on start
    - Toggle on/off distance tracker

    All options are listed in the config. More updates will come in with new config options, if you have any ideas, put them in my discord. I hope you guys enjoy this new update!
  5. Features and bug patches

    New features came out in this update. Also multiple bugs got patched.

    New Features:

    - /huntplus start 0. A way to play a manhunt fairly without a headstart

    - Time set day, feed, and heal on start. Quality feature for hunts starting

    Bug patches:

    - Player used to be able to start a hunt while being runner and hunter

    - Stopped a message that would pop up after /huntplus start

    Command and quality feature is what was in this update. Next update probably will have a config.yml for...
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  6. Distance Tracker Feature

    Hey guys, I'm here with a new update. I said if I would get 100 downloads, I would add a feature and that feature is the distance counter! Here are the list of things new in this update along with details of the counter:

    - Distance Tracker shows how many blocks away from speedrunner
    - Also shows in the nether and end and also for tracking portal
    - Fixed a bug where speedrunner could not move during the headstart

    Overall, this update is about the compass tracking. I hope you all enjoy!
  7. Better help commands and permission

    There are multiple new things about this update.
    Here is a list:

    - New Help Commands (New ones look a lot nicer)
    - New permission (manhuntplus.* has access to all permissions)
    - Title message on hunter release (If you do the huntplus starting command, when the hunters are released, the runner will get a message on their screen saying that they have been released along with a sound)
  8. New commands

    First of all, thank you for 50 downloads! I really appreciate it. Now on to the update. There are a few new commands, and also the plugin was recoded.

    New Commands:
    - /hunter list/clear: Lists all hunters, and also can remove all of them
    - /runner list/clear: Lists all speedrunners, and also can remove all of them
    - /mhunt → /huntplus: I thought huntplus sounded better so it got renamed

    Overall, I hope you enjoy this update!
  9. Inconsistent Commands

    I know that the last update was only a few hours ago, but this had to be fixed right away. The commands were inconsistent and were not working sometimes, but this has now been fixed.
  10. Fixed nether tracking issues

    There were nether tracking issues in the other version, so it has been fixed in this version. Also an info command was added for some of the plugin info. More features are to come later.