Manhunt+ [1.16x - 1.18x] 1.4.1

The exalted dream manhunt plugin

  1. 1.2.2: MC 1.17 Support

    1.17 is finally here! This is a great version of minecraft with all its new features. Anyways, here are the release notes for this update.

    New Content:
    - 1.17 support (The plugin works on the newest version of minecraft)
    - Fortress tracker (In configuration and toggleable), can give a handicap to a speedrunner by letting them track the nether fortress
    - Recoded parts of the plugin to make it better

    Other Changes:
    - Changed the in game name of the plugin from "ManHuntPlus" to "ManhuntPlus"
    - Fixed a bug of not being able to track the compass as a hunter with the error fixed
    - Fixed a bug of the plugin not reloading the config

    I really hope you guys enjoy this update. I also have a surprise most likely for the next update, so stick around! Enjoy minecraft 1.17 and all its features.
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