Manhunt+ [1.16x - 1.18x] 1.4.0

The exalted dream manhunt plugin

  1. 1.4.0: MC 1.18 Support / Revisions

    A lot of things have been added / changed in this update. The plugin also completely supports 1.18 and should have no errors!

    New Content:
    - Configurable teamchat prefix
    - Piglin ender pearl boosts! (Optional handicap for runner)
    - /huntplus randomize: A way to randomize teams for you!
    - An API! (Is possible to make add-ons to the plugin)
    - 1.18 Support! (Completely compatible now. 1.18.1 is included)

    Other Changes:
    - Adds...
  2. 1.3.2: Deadrunners Revamped

    A major issue with the plugin was the fact that nicknames didn't work with it. If anyone had a prefix, suffix, or anything of that type, the plugin would have issues. That problem is now non-existent in this update along with so much more!

    New Content:
    - Dead runners revamped! Instantly switch into spectator mode on death along with a custom particle effect! Also a special chat for dead runners.
    - /huntplus rules: New subcommand that opens a book in game describing the...
  3. 1.3.1: Tabcompleters and more

    A long requested feature for this plugin has been tabcompleters, so now they are here! Other performance boosts and bug fixes were added.

    New Content:
    - Tabcompleters for every command! They are really useful to have as they list every subcommand.
    - Hunters can now look around during countdowns and also are invincible in them.

    Other Changes:
    - Performance boosts (Plugin will lag the server less)
    - Fixed bug of compass not...
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  4. 1.3.0: Multiple Runner Support

    After 7 months, 2+ runner tracking support is here! All the notes of the update are listed below:

    New Content:
    - Multiple Runner Support! (The plugin finally works with more than one runner and can switch tracking between them by left clicking the compass)
    - Teamchat for hunters and runners
    - 1.17.1 support

    Other Changes:
    - Changed multiple different messages
    - Added new configuration options

    This is probably the best...
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  5. 1.2.2: MC 1.17 Support

    1.17 is finally here! This is a great version of minecraft with all its new features. Anyways, here are the release notes for this update.

    New Content:
    - 1.17 support (The plugin works on the newest version of minecraft)
    - Fortress tracker (In configuration and toggleable), can give a handicap to a speedrunner by letting them track the nether fortress
    - Recoded parts of the plugin to make it better

    Other Changes:
    - Changed...
  6. 1.2.1: Titles and Bug fixes

    Here are the release notes of this update. It's been a while since the last update, so the next ones will have a lot more content.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed bug of not needing permission to use /runner
    - Clearing hunter's compass fixed
    - Discord bot not working right was fixed

    New Content:
    - Revamped teamchat and discord chat
    - Made messages nicer and clearer
    - Added an Enderdragon killed title

    The content and bug fixes that are listed...
  7. 1.2.0: Discord Integration

    Hey guys, this is the update 1.2.0 and has new features.

    Discord integration is now part of this update. Also a few new config settings came out. Here is the list:

    - Discord integration: Toggles if integration is on or off
    - Bot token: This is where you paste your discord bot token, more details in description.
    - Bot activity: Set your discord bot activity
    - Discord mc chat: Toggles chat from minecraft to discord
    - Discord mc channel: Paste ID for channel to talk in, more details in...
  8. 1.1.4 Configuration added

    Hey, this is the new update 1.1.4 and it has a config. List of all configurable options will be down below.


    - Toggle on/off heal and feed on start
    - Toggle on/off clear inventory and achievement reset on start
    - Toggle on/off distance tracker

    All options are listed in the config. More updates will come in with new config options, if you have any ideas, put them in my discord. I hope you guys enjoy this new update!
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  9. 1.1.3 Features and bug patches

    New features came out in this update. Also multiple bugs got patched.

    New Features:

    - /huntplus start 0. A way to play a manhunt fairly without a headstart

    - Time set day, feed, and heal on start. Quality feature for hunts starting

    Bug patches:

    - Player used to be able to start a hunt while being runner and hunter

    - Stopped a message that would pop up after /huntplus start

    Command and quality feature is what was in this update. Next update probably will have a config.yml for...
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  10. 1.1.2 Distance Tracker Feature

    Hey guys, I'm here with a new update. I said if I would get 100 downloads, I would add a feature and that feature is the distance counter! Here are the list of things new in this update along with details of the counter:

    - Distance Tracker shows how many blocks away from speedrunner
    - Also shows in the nether and end and also for tracking portal
    - Fixed a bug where speedrunner could not move during the headstart

    Overall, this update is about the compass tracking. I hope you all enjoy!