ManHunt by Gerben 1.0.1

Do you want to play manhunt like Dream, download this plugin and get the same Experience!

  1. GerrieMol
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin gives you to play manhunt like Dream. You can regenerate a new minecraft world without needed to shutdown the server first.
    This plugin uses multiverse to create the new manhunt worlds this can cause a lot of lag if your server doesnt have enough ram i recommend at least 4gb of ram on your server to prevent the server from crashing. If you dont want to use multiverse you need to change level-name to manhunt instead of world in And go to the plugins folder into manhunt and change the file "usemv.txt" to false instead of true. If you want to load another world u stop the server and remove the directories: manhunt, manhunt_nether and manhunt_the_end. You still need to download all the dependecies to start the server. They wont be used.

    • Multiverse-Core
    • Multiverse-Inventories
    • Multiverse-NetherPortals
    How does the plugin work:
    First startup:
    When you first load in the plugin you first need to setup Multiverse-Inventories. You do this by typing the command "/mvinv group". Then they will ask you what you want do, type in the chat: "create" followed by: "manhuntinv". Now you need to add the manhunt worlds by typing in the chat "manhunt","manhunt_nether" and "manhunt_the_end". When you added the worlds to the group you need to add the itemshares you start this progress by typing "@" in the chat.Then type:"all" in the chat followed by "@". The inventories are setup now.
    If you use multiverse to create worlds type the command: "/manhunt newworld" to create your first manhunt worlds
    If you have done it your setup is finished.

    • /manhunt prey [player]
      • Description: assign a player as a prey (Only 1 player can be prey)
    • /manhunt hunter [player]
      • Description: assign a player as a hunter
    • /manhunt start
      • Description: Start the manhunt
    • /manhunt headstart
      • Description: Set the time before the hunters can hunt in seconds, must be a number (default is 0)
    • /manhunt newworld
      • Description: Creates a new set of worlds (creates a lot of lag)
    • /manhunt back:
      • Description: After the hunt stopped you can go back to the normal world
    • /manhunt forcestop:
      • Description: forcestop the hunt
    • manhunt.setup
      • This gives you acces to all the manhunt commands.

    [This plugin was not my idea but a idea of Dream i just programmed the code so other players can play it to]
    Link to Dreams channel:

    Terms and Conditions:
    You Cannot copy paste the code into your own plugin or reupload it!

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  1. Nether and End update

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  1. gumale12
    Version: 1.0.1
    the plugin looks great but it didn't work for me I have multiverse-core installed multiverse-inv multiverse-np and they were all set up but it still doesn't work