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A fun gamemode to play with friends.

  1. Mr_Wafflez
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Manhunt is a gamemode inspired by Dream's Speedrunner vs Hunter series but with extra features!

    The Goal:
    The runner (who only has one life) must kill the Ender Dragon before the time's up.
    Sound easy? Every other player will be equipped with a "Target Tracker" compass which points towards the location of the target.

    ✅ Features: ✅
    [✅] Random air drops that land throughout the match.
    [✅] Special game-items for both the hunters and the runner (Speed Boosts and Tracker Jammers).
    [✅] A compass for the hunters which points to the target player's location (or portal location if they're in another dimension).
    [✅] The ability to either have the game randomly pick a runner, or have the players decide!
    [✅] Custom loot tables for all loot chests in the world (dungeon chests, stronghold chests, nether fortress chests, etc) to include special game items mentioned below \/
    Special Game Items:
    A variety of special items exist to help both the runner and hunters.
    Special items include:
    [✅] Tracker Jammer - This disables all the hunters' target trackers for a brief period of time. These can sometimes be found in air drops and loot chests (villages, strongholds, etc).

    [✅] Speed Boost - This gives the player Speed II for 10 seconds in addition to Weakness I for 5 seconds (to help with balancing).
    The target starts the game with 3 Speed Boosts but with a 60 second cooldown after each use.
    Like the tracker jammer, these can also sometimes be found in airdrops and loot chests.

    [✅] Target Tracker - This is a compass which points towards the runner ("target") player. If the runner is in another dimension, the tracker will be renamed to a "Portal Tracker" and point to the location of the runner's portal.
    World Border:
    If enabled, a world border will shrink towards the center of the closest stronghold. This border will continue to shrink until the time's up!
    For information on enabling/disabling it, check the commands section.​

    Airdrops are a new feature added to this mode which will aid both the runner and hunters! At intervals in the match, airdrops will spawn in the air at random points around the world.

    - All players will be told where they spawn and when they've landed on the ground to be looted!
    - Items found in airdrops will be better as the game progresses!
    - Such items include (ender pearls, speed boosts, tracker jammers, and more!)
    /starthunt [runner name / "random"] [match length in seconds] [border "on" / "off"]

    Example: /starthunt random 2000 off
    Starts a Manhunt game, randomly picks a runner, which lasts 2000 seconds with no border.​

    ❗ Permissions: ❗
    • hunt.start
      • Gives access to the starthunt command.
      • Given by default to all OP players.

    The config file can be found in "plugins > TheHunt > config.yml"

    - manhunt > hunters > initialBlindness (can be true or false):
    Decides if hunters get temporarily blinded at the start of the game.​
    - manhunt > general > crates > lifespan (an integer greater than 0):
    Sets the lifespan of Supply Drops (before self-destructing), in seconds.
    ✅ Feedback: ✅
    Have an idea that you think could make the mode better? Feel free to either leave a reply to this post or contact me through my Discord server :)

    To talk, ask questions, or find out more info, join my Discord server!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Ramen_Rancine
    Version: 1.2
    I just now tried the 1.2 version and it works beautifully! The compass works well, supply crates are so fun, all great! Thank you!
    1. Mr_Wafflez
      Author's Response
      Thanks, appreciate it!
  2. Ramen_Rancine
    Version: 1.1
    I love the concept! One big problem, however, is that the supply drops consistently fall very very far from the match start point. I have to travel over 10000 blocks just to get to the nearest supply drop. Is there a way you can make the drop radius closer to the players?
    1. Mr_Wafflez
      Author's Response
      Replied to you on Discord but replying for others to see:
      The bug should be fixed in the new update (V1.2)
  3. DuhFlame
    Version: 1.0
    i use this with my friends but it would be very good to add options like a endless manhunt, and maybe a gui. also make it so if you want you can make it so the hunter doesn't have slowness and the speedrunner doesn't have the speed boosts
    1. Mr_Wafflez
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll plan to add these in the next update :)
  4. Joshy02
    Version: 2020-07-24
    I quickly tested the plugin out with a second account and it seems to work as mentioned. how quick does the border shrink?
    1. Mr_Wafflez
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
      If enabled, the border will shrink at a constant rate until the timer reaches 0, which by that point, the border will have shrunk to the stronghold location.