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Speedrunner vs Hunter plugin! Now you can play like Dream!

  1. Sadown
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    • 1.16
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    Inspired by Dream's video, I wanted to create the same exact plugin to play with friends. If you don't know Dream and his content, and so ManHunt, then here will follow an explanation of the manhunt.

    What's ManHunt?
    ManHunt is a game where there are two teams, one team is the hunter the other one the speedrunner. Usually the speedrunner team consists of one player while the hunters can be more than one.
    The goal of the speedrunner is to free the end without dying one single time.
    The goal of the hunters is to prevent the speedrunner from freeing the end.

    How does the plugin work?
    The plugin is very simple.
    It has two commands:
    (1) /compass : This command will give the player a compass.
    (2) /track (name) : This command will make the compass points toward a player.
    To avoid the hunter to do /compass every single time they will die, the plugin will automatically grant the hunters of a compass on their respawn.

    Common Questions
    Does the plugin work in the nether?
    No, unfortunately the plugin doesn't work in the nether, althought i'm working on it.

    Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you find something wrong!


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